PUBG Mobile for Android is Out Now, Sort Of

PUBG Mobile for Android is Out Now, Sort Of

If you're a Canadian with an Android device, Tencent wants to extend a special invitation to you.

Surprise: The West appears to be getting PUBG for mobile after all. While China's iOS port of the extremely popular battle royale game is old news by now, this is the first instance of PUBG showing up on mobile platforms in English.

There are some caveats, though. One, the game's currently only available on Google Play in Canada. No other region has the game yet, nor does any iOS device. It's very common for mobile developers to "test" their games by releasing them on the Canadian or Australian storefronts. Then they use feedback to fix problems before dropping an official release.

Now being stuck on the can is no excuse for missing a war.

Speaking of "official," a game as hot as PUBG is a perfect candidate for a pirates and scammers who slap a trademarked name on a half-assed app to collect money on a popular property. PUBG Mobile, however, seems to be legit. It's on Tencent Games' storefront (Tencent handles the iOS port of PUBG in China), and someone on the PUBG Android storefront is responding to complaints about bugs and glitches with instructions to contact support at Proxima Beta, a daughter company of Tencent.

If you're a Canadian, or you just play one on the Internet, you can download the English beta of PUBG Mobile yourself. The iOS version of PUBG plays quite well despite having to be graphically downscaled. PUBG Mobile is essentially a smaller, slimmer take on PUBG for the Xbox One and PC, so all our tips, tricks, and guides for the game still apply.

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