PUBG Mobile Update 0.4.0 is Giving Away Free Loot While Adding New Features

PUBG Mobile Update 0.4.0 is Giving Away Free Loot While Adding New Features

Celebrate PUBG Mobile's latest update with free stuff!

If you feel like chicken tonight, a massive update to PUBG Mobile might be exactly what you need to slam down your gullet. Update 0.4.0 for iOS and Android brings in a brand-new Arcade mode as well as a host of features and improvements. Update now to get a basket of goodies from PUBG Corp, too.

PUBG Mobile update 0.4.0 went live yesterday, when is also when PUBG Corp and PUBG's mobile publisher, Tencent, outlined everything new and cool in the game. First and foremost, the new Arcade mode pits 28 players against each other and involves one of the following variations: "Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, All Weapons, Melee, Pistols and Item Heaven." There's also a chance you might wind up playing under dusky skies with the new "Dusk Mode." The half-light makes for a very romantic environment to die in.

Another important addition, especially given the fiddly nature of mobile games, is the new Training Grounds. Here, you can practice shooting each weapon in the game, and you can also get a feel for moving around with a touch screen.

And, hey: Update to 0.4.0 now to get free stuff, including "a Tri-Color Parachute, a Rename Card, an Outfit Box III, and 1888 BP."

As you might imagine, PUBG Mobile 0.4.0 brings lots of additional tweaks and fixes with it. Here's what you can expect, as per the game's official patch notes:

  • - Enhanced combat experience.
  • - Added Follow function (both before parachuting and after landing).
  • - Added automatic door opening, can be enabled in Settings.
  • - Pause between picking up multiple items automatically has been adjusted.
  • - 4x and 8x scope performance issue resolved.
  • - Added a performance chart to the Results screen.
  • - Adjusted sound effects and some voice chat issues.
  • - Leaning: Movement speed increased, added "Lean & Open Scope" and "Lean & Fire."
  • - Added flipping tricks for motorcycles.
  • - Added Nitrous Oxide engines to cars.
  • - Previously used vehicles are now marked on the mini-map.
  • - Added 3D Touch firing options to iOS

The need for a training ground might clue you in already, but playing PUBG on mobile takes some getting used to. Check out our tips, hints, and guides for everything you need to know about mastering PUBG Mobile.

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