PUBG on Xbox One Has Trouble With 30FPS and Consistency

PUBG on Xbox One Has Trouble With 30FPS and Consistency

Digital Foundry finds a rough port on Xbox One.

Now that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is out on Xbox One, we're left with one question: How is the port? PUBG Corp and Microsoft are putting a lot of effort into the game, but it's still in the Xbox Game Preview program, pointing to it needing further tweaks and optimization. Digital Foundry took a dive into the game on Xbox One and Xbox One X to find out.

On Xbox One X, the game renders at a native 4K, way up from the 1080p on the base Xbox One. Texture detail improves and the draw distance on the grass and trees gets a boost. The One X version simply looks better, while retaining similar performance.

When it comes to that performance though, the results weren't too great on either platform. Digital Foundry found that PUBG on Xbox One and Xbox One X have a 30fps cap, but frequently spend their time below that level. As Caty and I noticed in our playtime, the lobby and opening parachute in is particularly rough, hovering in the 15-20fps range. During the rest of the game though, things are better, but not great.

"Well, a 30fps cap with correct frame-pacing is in there, and there are areas of the map that can yield an agreeable enough experience, when gameplay does indeed hit the target frame-rate. However, there is very little consistency overall. An extended journey across the landscape in a jeep can play out smoothly enough, with a flawless 30fps line. Meanwhile, entering a house, opening a toilet door and exchanging fire with a lurking assailant can see frame-rate dip to 20fps for no reason we can readily come up with," wrote Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter.

Despite that, the game is still very playable, it's just technically rough. If you need a locked 30fps experience, it's best to wait it out. Epic Games' Fortnite Battle Royale also launched in rough shape on consoles, but the studio has worked hard to optimize the game and improve performance. You can expect the same here.

"Of course, this game isn't exactly a shining beacon of scalability, stability or optimisation on its native PC, and equally, it is far from the finished article in its console form. So in that sense, if you're aware of the game and its limitations as it stands right now, you can probably accommodate the rough, unpolished nature of the action. Certainly, despite its many issues, PUBG is still plenty of fun to play - similar to Ark Survival Evolved, the concept manages to enthral even in the face of clear technical challenges," said Leadbetter in his closing.

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