PUBG Savage Map Code Giveaway—Get Access to PUBG's Second Beta Test Now

PUBG Savage Map Code Giveaway—Get Access to PUBG's Second Beta Test Now

We've got 2500 codes to give away! Here's how to jump in to the beta.

The PUBG Savage Map Test is back! And we've got more keys! PUBG is holding another beta test for its smaller map, and you can join in by using the widget below.

The best part about our giveaway is that you don't even need to own a copy of PUBG to take part in the Savage Map Beta. Just grab a code from the code dispensing widget below and you'll have all you need to give it a whirl.

PUBG Savage Map Code Giveaway 2

The upcoming Savage Map for PUBG is obviously completely different to the existing two maps, but other than it's layout and design it's also a lot smaller. This is set to make for a rather different PUBG experience, with players forced to be closer to each other right from the start. The version available in the second test will have a number of changes from the first variant, including brand new areas.

For now PUBG's Savage map is only available to test in the PC version of the game. Xbox One PUBG players are still limited to a single map, while PC players have Erangel and Miramar. When Savage comes out of Beta the PC version of PUBG will have three maps in rotation.

If you want more info, we've got a complete guide to getting a PUBG Savage Map Beta Code. For general game help, check out our PUBG guide, as well as our guide to PUBG Mobile.

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