PUBG Savage New Map Beta Keys Giveaway - How to Get Access to the New PUBG Map Beta and Experimental Test Server

PUBG Savage New Map Beta Keys Giveaway - How to Get Access to the New PUBG Map Beta and Experimental Test Server

Here's our complete PUBG map keys giveaway, giving you access to the brand new Savage map on the Experimental Test Server.

The new PUBG Savage map is out on the Experimental Test Server right now, but it’s only available to a select few. Luckily enough, we’ve got this giveaway to get a few of our readers into the new PUBG map beta for the 4x4 map, which should prove to be a lot more hectic than either Erangel or Miramar.

How to get a PUBG Map Beta Code for Savage 4x4 Map

Our PUBG Savage map key giveaway is on right now, and you can enter for the chance to be one of 1,000 readers to bag a code by simply following this link.

So how do you actually get access to the new PUBG map beta, if you’ve been lucky enough to secure yourself a code? Turns out you don’t actually need to own PUBG in any capacity, as all you need to do is redeem the giveaway code straight into Steam.

Doing this will unlock a brand new application for download, hence how it doesn’t matter if you own the base version of PUBG. This new application is dubbed the ‘PUBG Experimental Test Server’, and comes it at roughly 4.5GB. Once the download has completed, you’re all set to go with the brand new PUBG Savage map.

However the PUBG website appears to be doing its own limited entry system for the brand new Savage map. If you head over to the PUBG website, PUBG Corp has detailed that you can sign up for the chance to access the new Experimental Test Server, but if you choose to get access to the new map beta this way, you’ll unfortunately have to own PUBG on your PC, whereas you don’t have to own it if you get a code through our giveaway.

The official PUBG website also details the limited dates that the Experimental Test Server will be active for. The PUBG map beta for the new Savage map is active right now, but will shut off on April 5, at approximately 4 am PST/7 am EST/12 pm BST. This means you’ve got a narrow window to experience the new PUBG map for yourself, until it eventually returns in a future beta test, as PUBG Corp has previously stated.

As a surprise to basically everyone, PUBG Corp and creator Brendan Greene revealed over the course of GDC 2018 that there was a brand new, smaller PUBG map in the works, as you can see from the shots just above. We also didn’t know that the smaller map, codenamed “Savage” was going into beta phase within the next few weeks.

The Savage map is far smaller than both Ergangel (the base map that PUBG started out with), and it’s about half the size of the Miramar map, which joined the rotation just earlier this year for PUBG players. This means that combat is going to be a lot more hectic and fast paced than previous PUBG games, and you can bet on running into players a lot more often than you did on either Erangel or Miramar.

While you’re here, why not check out our additional PUBG guides, including our complete PUBG vehicles locations guide, or our complete PUBG weapon stats guide, for info on some of the most powerful guns in the game.

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