PUBG Test Server Brings New Weapon and Vehicle to Xbox One

Players can also now spectate their killer after being killed.

The PUBG Test Server is once again live for Xbox One players, adding in a brand new weapon and a new vehicle into the mix. There’s also a handful of minor balancing tweaks, and the option to spectate after death.

The PTS will remain online from now until July 16 at 1 a.m. PDT. Xbox One players who own a copy of PUBG can head over to the Microsoft store to download the Public Test Server, which offers a first chance to play upcoming features set to be added to the game.

The new weapon is the SLR, a designated marksman rifle which is said to be more powerful than the SKS, but with more recoil. It spawns alongside normal world loot, and uses 7.62mm ammo. It’s not the only new addition though, as a new vehicle called the Mirado is also now available. The Mirado is a classic muscle-car, and can seat four players. It can only be found on Miramar though, where it will no doubt be useful for traversing the huge open spaces synonymous with the large desert map.

There’s plenty more being tweaked and changed in the new PUBG PTS update, so we’ve listed some standouts below:

  • Players can now spectate killer after being killed
  • New attachments including 3x,6x scopes
  • Boats now sink when destroyed
  • New Marker which allows players to check the flight path of the plane
  • You can now change the reticle style and color on the red-dot, holo, and 2x scope
  • Increased frag grenade and molotov damage
  • Level 3 helmets only spawn in care packages
  • Various weapon balancing

You can check out the full details of everything that’s changed in the PTS by heading here. PUBG recently introduced an Event Pass for its new Sanhok map. You can read all about it in our PUBG Sanhok Event Pass Guide.