PUBG Update 14 Adds Anti-Cheat Measures and More Powerful Grenades

PUBG Update 14 Adds Anti-Cheat Measures and More Powerful Grenades

PUBG Corp has released all of the details for the new update

PUBG Corp has detailed the latest update for PUBG Version 1.0. Update 14 for PC includes a host of tweaks and bug fixes, with new anti-cheat measures being the most notable addition.

The latest update for PUBG brings with it new anti-cheat measures, which have been added into the game’s test servers. A new pop-up will appear when starting the game which gives players the option to either enable or disable the anti-cheat client. No details were given as to the exact nature of the new anti-cheat measures, only that you will not be able to disable it when it launches in the full game.

Frag Grenades and Stun Grenades have both been improved in update 14

Update 14 also makes big changes to throwable weapons. The damage and effective range for frag grenades and Molotovs has been increased, and the blinding effect of stun grenades has been improved. Stun grenades will also hinder an enemy’s ability to shoot accurately too. It’s now possible to shoot a Molotov in mid-air, which will trigger an explosion. Fire has been modified to spread across wooden surfaces and walls.

The M24 rifle will no longer be available in care packages, and is being added to world loot tables. PUBG Corp explained its decision to do so, stating:

Our goal is to make it a viable alternative to the Kar98k (that players actually get to use). As always, we’ll keep an eye on all of these balance changes and continuously make adjustments and improvements.

There’s also the usual bug fixes and optimization tweaks, with a known issue relating to vaulting in Erangel finally being fixed. There’s a new UI message which will pop-up when a player is unable to use a healing item. The recoil values for the Scar-L have been slightly adjusted, and it will now be easier to find the Vector SMG as drop-rates have been increased. Head over to the full Steam Community post for more details.

Update 14 follows the news earlier this week that the new Sanhok map will soon be returning to test servers. The developer is aiming for a full release in June, so stay tuned for further updates. For more on the new Sanhok map, head over to our PUBG Sanhok Map Guide. We’ve also got plenty of tips and tricks to get ahead in PUBG too, compiled in our PUBG guides hub.

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