PUBG War Event Mode Now Live

Oh, you thought PUBG was a war zone before? No. Now it's war for real.

War. What is it good for? Not much beyond a new game mode for PUBG. From now until April 15, 7 p.m. PDT / 10 p.m. EST, PUBG's War Event Mode is live. In War, you join up with one of three teams of 10 players and fight for dominance over a small bit of the Erangel map. The first team to make it to 200 points is the winner winner chicken dinner.

That means when you get shot down in War—and you will—you're not out of the game. Instead, you respawn in the plane and parachute back down to the battlefield. There's no Red Zone, the weather is locked at "Sunny," and spectator camera isn't available.

Here's how scoring works in War, as per PUBG Corp's latest Steam post about the new mode:

  • Kill: +3 points
  • DBNO (Down But Not Out): +1 point
  • Revive: +1 point
  • Team kill / Team DBNO: -5 points

Players spawn with the following equipment:

  • One random AR or DMR equipped
  • One random pistol
  • Level one helmet
  • Level one vest
  • One grenade

Matches are 15 minutes long. If none of the teams make it to 200 points before time's up, the team with the highest score count is named the victor.

War is hell; you're going to need every advantage to survive. That's why you should take a look at our extensive collection of tips, tricks, and guides for PUBG. If you're new to this rodeo, study our PUBG guide for beginners.

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