PUBG Xbox Patch 10 Fixes Revival and Footsteps Issues

The PUBG Xbox revival fix arrives just in time for Easter.

News by Nadia Oxford, .

PUBG Xbox Patch 10, which was announced last week, is alive and well. Patch 10 is meant to exterminate some bugs that crept up after Patch 9 was applied. Neverending Story, thy name is video game patches.

You can find the patch notes on the official PUBG forum. Here's what's been sewn up, according to PUBG community coordinator "PUBG_Hawkinz:"

  • Fixed issue where player revival would continue despite interruption
  • Fixed repeating sounds from footsteps or when reloading Kar98k, Revolver, or Shotgun
  • Fixed issue where (B) and (Y) buttons remained active in gameplay while in the map view
  • Fixed issue where the parachute cable would not disappear following a landing in water
  • Fixed issue where the player could not cut the parachute cable when becoming stuck during landing
Pictured: A pleasant Sunday drive about to come to an abrupt end.

There's still one issue that's in need of a good squashin', though: "Pressing the (B) button while in the Settings menu will cause the player to exit the plane." So, y'know. FYI.

This bug-smash is a small update compared to what PUBG Corp has planned for the Xbox game's future. Future updates are supposed to enhance performance and (finally) bring the Miramar map to consoles. The PC version of the game is also in line for major updates to help it fight back against the encroaching threat of Fortnite Battle Royale's rising popularity.

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