PUBG Xbox Patch 11 is Out Now, Focuses on Improving Performance

Exploring your inventory should be a little easier now in PUBG Xbox.

Happy Patch Day, Xbox PUBG players! Patch 11 is live, and it offers improvements to the game's stability, optimization, and inventory management. Players should also (hopefully) see a reduction in game crashes across the coming days.

Here's what's been tuned up in the latest update, as per the official Xbox PUBG message board.

Don't forget to collect your snazzy jacket on March 22, Xbox players!

Performance / Optimization / Stability

  • Implemented texture changes to improve graphical performance
  • Optimized vehicle profiles to improve framerate
  • Additional fixes to reduce crashes

UI/UX (Inventory)

  • The layout of the inventory has been improved, adding focal points to identify selected areas, a clearer button guide and tooltips
  • Improved selection of weapon slots and attachments - players can change the focus and selection by using the D-Pad
  • Quick scrolling has been added by using LT/RT buttons


  • A counter has been added to show the number of players remaining on the airplane

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue that caused players to hear footsteps when no other players were in the vicinity
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the blue zone from being displayed correctly

Also, a vital reminder: You're entitled to a free varsity jacket in honor of PUBG for Xbox passing 5 million players. It should arrive in your inventory by March 22.

PUBG Xbox is a bit of a different beast than its PC counterpart, so you're going to want to look at our PUBG Xbox tips, tricks, and guides, especially our guide to the game's controls.

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