PUBG's 1.0 Update Drastically Changes the Game

Vaulting and climbing sure, but damage changes and ballistic changes will also shake things up.

News by Matt Kim, .

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds long awaited 1.0 update is currently on test servers tonight, and we run down all the changes.

The 1.0 update brought with it many highly-anticipated features including vaulting and climbing, which lets players jump over small walls and climb up through windows.

While vaulting and climbing were the most publicized additions in the 1.0 update, there are other changes coming tonight to test servers that can drastically change how the whole game plays.

Air drag will now affect ballistics from firearms, so bullets will end up losing velocity over time which equals great bullet drop and longer travel time. Sniper scopes will have variable zooms and adjustable reticle brightness. All of these will be manipulated by the mouse wheel.

The hit areas of the characters have also been changed. The original system was deemed "a little bit too simplistic and punishing" so the new system will protect the neck area, while decreasing damage on hands and feet. Additionally, bonuses and penalties to hit areas have been modified by weapon class.

The client optimization has also been changed to reduce memory usage, lag when terrain is loading, and lag when multiple players are in sight. Meanwhile, servers have been optimized for performance.

The test schedule is currently ongoing with the full update going live sometime in the near future.

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  • Avatar for Roto13 #1 Roto13 5 months ago
    So it's no longer the same game it was when it was nominated this morning for Game of the Year That Isn't Over Yet.
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