PUBG's Harley Quinn Skin Costs Almost as Much as the Game

You wanna know how I got these SCAR-Ls?

News by Matt Kim, .

Did you love DC's 2016 hit film Suicide Squad? Did you love it so much that two years later you're willing to pay almost $25 to dress up like Harley Quinn in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds?

PUBG is offering players a chance to purchase either a Harley Quin skin for $24.99, or a Joker skin for $19.99. PUBG usually retails for $30. Both are from the 2016 Suicide Squad film incarnation, so don't expect to get any of the better designs from the characters' past.


This feels like a poor counter to that one time Fortnite had that Marvel crossover event where players could play as Thanos. The free event might not have come with a skin to keep, but it was fun, and it was all anyone could talk about for a week. I don't think we'll be talking much about this DC crossover event as much.

After popularizing the battle royale genre PUBG has fallen behind some of its competitors like Fortnite and Call of Duty. We're expecting some big PUBG news at the X018 event in Mexico City this weekend though, so we'll see where the game will go in the future. In the meantime, you can get PUBG on Xbox One for free to keep, but only for a limited time so download it quickly.

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  • Avatar for pimento #1 pimento 11 days ago
    You can at least buy individual pieces if you want just the hair for example, but it's not an amazing deal for a paid game.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #2 MetManMas 11 days ago
    You and the DCCU were made for one another, PUBG.

    Not saying people won't pay $25 to fully dress like Movie Harley or $20 for SS Joker (some totally will), but these are prices I'd expect from a free-to-play game trying to keep the lights on, not a game that already requires bypassing a paywall to play it.Edited 2 weeks ago by MetManMas
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