PUBG's Launch Day Sees Server Issues and Connection Problems [Updated]

The team behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is still trying to solve several server problems.

News by Mike Williams, .

Update #1: Theoretically, PC servers are back up!

If you loaded up PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds this morning in celebration of the 1.0 release, you may have had some trouble playing. A number of players have reported being stuck in matchmaking, waiting for 30 minutes or more for an available game. Basically, launch day has turned out more players than PUBG's servers can handle.

Several threads on the official PUBG forums and the Steam Community hub have been started addressing the problem. Some are even joking about the situation.

"Haven't been able to join a solo match for about 30 minutes now. After selecting start I get a message saying 'Started Matchmaking' and the spinner just spins indefinitely. Anyone else experiencing this?" said one thread-starter on the official PUBG forums.

The PUBG team acknowledged a host of problems with the 1.0 release, including server capacity, match data and leaderboards not syncing, and the servers straight up being down.

"We are aware of a server capacity issue for EU region. EU players may have to wait longer to get into a match. Our engineers are working to fix this problem as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience," said the official PUBG Twitter account earlier this morning.

Player have also noted other issues. Even once they've connected, the games have been plagued by rubberbanding issues, something that's carried forward from the test server build. PUBG also came under fire for the removal of the ability to purchase keys to open crates. The team later addressed that this change was made to accomodate a new, upcoming crate.

"The crate key you may know by the name of Gamescom Invitational Key has changed its name. This doesn't meant that it is no longer available, in fact soon it will be more widely used than before," said PUBG team in a statement. "The purpose of the change is to accommodate an introduction of a new crate that will also accept the very same key. In view of the above, purchasing the keys has been suspended temporarily to to allow us to implement all the required changes. We hope for your understanding. You will be able to buy the keys again within a week's time."

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