PUBG's Miramar Desert Map Finally Has a Release Date For Xbox One

We finally know when exactly Miramar is coming to PUBG on Xbox.

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for Xbox will finally get the full version of the Miramar desert map on May 24 according to Microsoft.

Miramar is currently available on the PUBG Xbox PTR test server that players need to download separately from the game. The tests began at 5pm PT/8pm ET yesterday April 25 and will run through today April 26 11pm PT/2am ET. During this time, PUBG Corp and Xbox are taking player feedback to figure out what needs work before the May 24 release date.

PUBG's Miramar map.

In a statement PUBG explains that, "By testing Miramar on a closed server we'll continue this tradition and gather valuable feedback from players to bring an exciting and heart racing experience for all players on Xbox Game Preview with Miramar's general availability on May 24."

PUBG is currently running as a Xbox Game Preview, which is similar to Steam Early Access in that players can purchase and play a still in-development version of the game. The ultimate goal obviously is to get console parity with the PC version, which is currently into its 1.0 version.

However it will be sometime before the Xbox version will be like the PC version. Currently PUBG on PC is testing out its Codename Savage Island map, while PUBG on Xbox is receiving the second desert map released at the start of the year.

If you haven't already, you can still download the PUBG PTR on Xbox and test the desert map before it gets taken away for further tinkering. For more info be sure to check out our PUBG Miramar guide to help you get started on one of the biggest games on the Xbox One platform.

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  • Avatar for nathantafoya05 #1 nathantafoya05 6 months ago
    I couldn't expect more when the servers went offline first day, but I already knew there would be time extensions to compensate. I really feel this map is complete besides a few network lag issues. You need to release this map earlier than may 24th. Everyone is excited to have it already. I've lagged out two times only since the servers came back up and miramar honestly runs smoother than the original map at times. I dont see any need for it to not be released. I enjoy it very much and hope you guys decide to release sooner. I think alot of players would enjoy having it sooner as well.
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