PUBG's Sanhok Island Map Suddenly Has a Bunch of Mysterious Golden Treasure Chests

What's in the chest? (Spoiler: We don't know yet).

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If you've played the most recent test server run at PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds small island map Sanhok, you might have found a mysterious golden chest. The chest doesn't do anything... yet, but the internet sleuths are already taking notes in case something weird happens with these chests.

There's only a handful of these golden chests, and they're all in Sanhok, the small island map previously known as Codename: Savage. The PUBG subreddit is already sharing thoughts and ideas as to what these chests might mean. Over time, more of these chests were found across the island.

PUBG Gold Chest. Source: Reddit

A weird, non-interactive environmental anomaly in a battle royale game? The most famous recent example of this is the comet in the last season of Fortnite: Battle Royale that everyone freaked out over. It was a good mystery and something fun for the community, and it seems like PUBG is getting in on the action.

It also might be a direct not to Fortnite considering golden chests are a thing in Epic's battle royale game that house reward gear. So a double Fortnite whammy really. Whether these gold chests function similar to Fortnite's and hint at future content, or are just a cheeky easter egg while Sanhok is in development remains to be seen.

You'll know for sure if these chests turn up something as we're now keeping an eye on these gold things. For more on PUBG's experimental small island map, you can check out our PUBG Sanhok guide, or read our impressions of PUBG's upcoming map here.

(h/t: Kotaku); Header image source: Reddit

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