Miramar Xbox One Confirmed for May as Deadmau5 Tries to Play PUBG Wearing 18 Pound Helmet

It was a rough time for the EDM legend, but at least we we know when Miramar is coming out.

Drake set the Internet on fire when he appeared on Twitch with streaming star Ninja to play Fortnite Battle Royale. PUBG's answer was EDM legend and gamer Joel "deadmau5" Zimmerman, who played the Xbox One version for an official stream during PAX East alongside creator Brendan Greene, with both fielding questions in the process.

The sessions were broadcast over both Twitch and Mixer, with Greene revealing that Miramar will be released on Xbox One in May. Speaking briefly on the notoriously rocky performance of the Xbox One version, Greene said progress is being made. "We're working really hard on improving the performance, and I'm really impressed with what I've been seeing."

While this was happening, deadmau5 wore a customized Xbox One-themed variant of his trademark helmet while playing on a stream. Unfortunately for deadmau5, his matches didn't go especially well. In fact, he failed to make it past the Top 70 in his first three matches.

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In his first match, deadmau5 parachuted to School and ran into an enemy basically immediately. While he was able to defend himself, a second enemy ran into the room and finished him off with a minigun. The second match didn't go much better, as deadmau5 haphazardly chased a foe across a bridge and finally got gunned down.

"You wear the 18 pound mouse head," he jokingly complained. Eventually he took off the helmet, much to the delight of the audience in the theater.

The improved vision didn't help much. Even with squadmates helping him out in the third round, deadmau5 died almost immediately. He made it to 55 in the fourth round, but he was swiftly gunned down when trying to run amid the cargo containers.

PUBG creator Brendan Greene dons deadmau5's helmet to play some of his game.

Deadmau5 ultimately wound up handing the controller off to Greene himself. He also made Greene wear the actual helmet.

"Now get a kill," deadmau5 teased.

Greene ultimately didn't do much better. After grabbing some equipment, he accidentally flashbanged himself, much to the audience's amusement. He never actually died, but he did eventually have to stop for lack of time.

PUBG is in the midst of a series of major updates. A beta for upcoming 4x4km map took place last week, with more content on the way.

We recently talked to Greene as well as PUBG Corp. CEO Chang Han Kim about the future of PUBG, the controversy around Miramar, and more. In the meantime, the wait for a third map continues.

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