Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason Are Joining the Roster of Dead by Daylight

Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason Are Joining the Roster of Dead by Daylight

Konami's horror series is back for some multiplayer horror.

Things may still be silent for Silent Hill, but two of its most well-known characters are getting a revival of sorts in the multiplayer asymmetrical survival game Dead by Daylight. Pyramid Head and protagonist Cheryl Mason are joining the Dead by Daylight lineup.

In a short trailer, Cheryl is shown hiding behind a door in the new Midwich Elementary School map. Lurking the corridors is The Executioner, a.k.a. Pyramid Head itself, wearing the signature massive headpiece and blade in tow. The Survivor, Killer, and map are all part of the new Silent Hill chapter for Dead by Daylight, coming this June.

It's no Silent Hills, but it's at least something for fans that have been craving new Silent Hill content since P.T. disappeared from the PlayStation Store. Konami has denied rumors that the Silent Hill series is being rebooted, though that doesn't do much to quench speculation, especially with two series "leads" appearing in a popular multiplayer game.

Dead by Daylight, if you're unfamiliar, is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where four players are Survivors and one is the Killer in a slasher movie scenario. The Survivors work to evade death, assist one another, and plan a means of escape, while the Killer is just looking to ratchet up the body count. Dead by Daylight's had a number of pop culture crossovers, but Silent Hill is especially interesting.

Whether this indicates renewed interest in the series or not, I'm just happy that some new Silent Hill content exists. It's not like Pyramid Head was going to make it into Super Smash Bros. anytime soon.

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