R-Type Returns to iOS

Irem's classic shmup is making a triumphant return to iOS, with a few new features in tow.

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Lest you feel our story on Firefly's impending mobile game incarnation was a bit negative towards iOS and Android gaming, here's some more positive news.

Irem's classic shmup R-Type has returned to iOS after an unexplained temporary absence. The mobile port is the work of retro specialists DotEmu, who have brought a number of old-school classics back for modern audiences on a variety of different platforms.

One of the game's most well-known bosses.

The new iOS version of R-Type brings the original gameplay back intact, but is now a Universal app, meaning it works on both the small screen of the iPhone and its big sibling the iPad. There are two difficulty settings, two control schemes -- including an "enhanced touch mode," apparently, though exactly what the "enhancements" are hasn't been explained -- along with full Retina display support for those enjoying the teeny-tiny pixels of more recent Apple devices. There's also full Game Center support with leaderboards and achievements. Those of you running iOS 6 or later will be able to use Game Center's oft-forgotten "Challenge" facility to directly compete against your friends for high scores or achievements.

R-Type is one of the most difficult shooters ever created, so if you really reckon you've got some mad gaming skills, you should take on the challenge. Grab it from the App Store for $1.99 here.

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