Rage 2 Mixes Mad Max and Robocop in New Gameplay Trailer

Rage 2 Mixes Mad Max and Robocop in New Gameplay Trailer

Avalanche is right at home.

Avalanche just can't seem to quit Mad Max. The developer's new gameplay trailer for Rage 2, which debuted at Bethesda's press conference, like like a sequel to Avalanche's adaptation of the classic movie franchise. And if it wasn't 80s enough, it had a Paul Verhoven reference, too.

The new trailer offers a glimpse of Rage 2's open-world and gunplay in showing a run down a desert highway, followed by an attack on a bandit camp. It all feels very much like George Miller's opus (to be fair, so did the original game). You can watch it below.

To top it off, Avalanche mixed their Road Warrior nostalgia with Robocop, abruptly cutting to a campy 80s mock commercial. The kicker is that Bethesda was actually showing Rage 2's collector's edition--a singing, talking monster head featuring the voice of Andrew W.K, who played the opening set for Bethesda's E3 press conference.

Rage 2 is a revival of the 2011 id Software shooter, which itself was very much in the flavor of Mad Max. It will be a "true open-world FPS experience." Look for it on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in Spring 2019.

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