Rainbow 6 Siege Attacker Tips - How to Use Drones, Breaching Charges

Rainbow 6 Siege Attacker Tips - How to Use Drones, Breaching Charges

Learn to win as an Attacker.

This guide will give you tips and tricks to help you succeed while playing as the Attackers in Rainbow Six Siege. This includes the basics of communication, how to deploy your forces, and even some of the lesser known tricks that can help you win those close quarter battles.

Since players are going to spend half of their time as Attackers, and the other half as Defenders, we’ve gone ahead and put together some tips for the latter as well. You can read our Rainbow 6 Siege Defender Tips to increase your chances of success on that side of the conflict.

Deploy Your Drone

You really don’t get an option with this, but how well you do in a round often comes down to how well you use your drone in the opening moments. If you are able to find the location of your team’s objective, it cuts down on the amount of time you spend searching for it once that action portion begins.

Ensure that you’re not bunching up with your drones. If you see a teammate take theirs up some stairs, send yours down the stairs. Spread out to give your side the best chance to find the objective, as well as the enemy. If your drone isn’t detected or destroyed, you can leave it strategically placed so that you can return to its camera view later on.

Use the Buddy System

You’ll find that when playing public lobbies, everyone tends to just wander off in their own direction. This is a pretty good sign that you’ll lose, since the enemy tends to be concentrated in one area, and it’s likely the area that they have to defend. If you approach an area with several enemies defending and you’re by yourself, expect to trade at best, but you might just end up throwing a kill to your opponent.

If at all possible, try to find a buddy and stick with them. The game complicates this idea by having five Operators per side, but you can at least roll with two teams of two, and have someone else work on their own, or make a group of three. This ensures that you’re never alone in a gun battle, and you can always have someone watching forward, and someone keeping an eye on your six.

Communication is Key

If you manage to wander into a public lobby and everyone on your side has a mic, let us be the first to congratulate you on your win. Communication is everything in Rainbow Six Siege, and the more people you can talk to on your team, the more likely you are to win.

If you wander into a lobby and the other team happens to know each other, and have mics, you might as well leave right away and find somewhere else to be. Again, communication is everything. If you can’t talk to your team, you’re in trouble. If your opponent can communicate with each other, you are almost guaranteed to lose. Plug those mics in, Operators - your win/loss ratio will thank you.

Attack from All Sides

As we get further into our tips, we’re starting to tie them together, like asking you to attack the Defenders from multiple angles. This will require that you not only use the buddy system, but also that you’re active on the mics to let your team know what you’re doing. The goal here is to ensure that the enemy can’t just look in one direction, but must divide their forces and cover multiple points of entry.

This doesn’t have to be two different horizontal directions, either. You can attack from above, while the other members of your team move in from below. It will change based on the map, location of the objective and placement of the enemy, but the point is you want to avoid situations where your entire five person team can be wiped out with one grenade or C4 charge.

Creating Lines of Sight

We highly suggest that you watch the three Tutorial videos in the game. Not only will this give you 800 Renown, but it will also teach you about how to use Breaching Charges to create new lines of sight, or even new ways to get into a certain area. However, you can also create lines of sight by using your melee, or firing your weapon at certain surfaces.

For example, if you shoot through wood or drywall, you’ll be able to look through that hole. It’s a fantastic way to keep tabs on the enemy without giving away your position. You can even score some kills by firing your weapon through these walls. Lastly, place Breaching Charges on these same walls to not only open up a line of sight, but also create a new way to enter the area.

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