Rainbow 6 Siege Defender Tips - How to Deploy Barricades, Destroy Drones

Rainbow 6 Siege Defender Tips - How to Deploy Barricades, Destroy Drones

Learn to defend any objective.

This guide will help you improve while playing as a Defender in Rainbow 6 Siege. We’ll cover everything from position to communication, as well as how to properly reinforce the objective to keep the enemy on the outside looking in.

Of course, you’ll be spending a lot of time as an Attacker as well, so we’ve put together some ideas to help you with that half of your experience. Be sure to read up on our Rainbow 6 Siege Attacker Tips when you’re done, ensuring that you’re ready for any situation.

Destroy the Drones

In the opening moments of the round, the Attackers will deploy drones that are intended to spot you, and the objective that they need to complete. Your first order of business should be to destroy these by shooting them, or with various gadgets from some of the Operators. If you can destroy them before they spot the objective that is just one more hoop that the enemy must jump through in order to win. Just keep in mind that even destroying a drone gives your opponent some information.

Barricades and Reinforcements

One of the key factors in being victorious as a Defender is deploying Barricades and Reinforcements in all the right places. Reinforcements are deployed against walls that can be destroyed or shot through, and each Defender gets two of these. Set them up in the room where the objective is, forcing the enemy to use the doors and windows provided.

Each Defender has an unlimited amount of Barricades, but these can only be deployed on doors and windows, and they can be destroyed by Breaching Charges, bullets, or even melee damage. They are only meant to slow the Attackers down, but destroying those makes a lot of noise and allows you to figure out which direction the attack is coming from.

Go Prone, Defenders

One of the best ways to surprise attackers is to go prone and shoot underneath various objects, including Barricades. Most Attackers will only see the obstacle in their path, not the Defender that is aiming their weapon under the door. When you see feet, blast through the Barricade to get an easy kill. Just make sure you move in case there are more enemies in the area.

Going prone works in almost all situations, even if you are just camping out in a room and waiting. When someone breaches, their eyes are up, looking for threats standing right in front of them. The split second that it takes your opponent to spot you is often enough to see you win the gun battle. Going prone in the middle of a pile of bodies is even more effective.

Communication is Key

We have to be up front with you, we told the Attackers the same thing. If you have a team who are all using their mics, you’re likely going to win. The simple act of calling out a Breaching Charge, or where you went down at, can be the difference between a win and a loss. Even if you are in a party with one other person, just the fact that the two of you can talk can tip the scales in your favor. If you’re up against an entire team with mics, just know that you’ll be in our thoughts.

Don’t Bunch Up

It may seem like a good idea to huddle up in the room where the objective is located, but it’s not. This opens you up to kills from a single grenade, or even just getting yourself surrounded by the Attackers. Leave one or two people in the room with the objective, but send the rest out (up or down) to challenge your opponents right off the bat. Shoot them as they try to move through Barricades, forcing them to abandon their current approach and go somewhere else. Remember, each round is only three minutes long, so delaying the Attackers for just a bit can be all it takes to secure victory.

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