Rainbow 6 Siege: FBI Operator Guide - Ash, Thermite, Castle, Pulse

Rainbow 6 Siege: FBI Operator Guide - Ash, Thermite, Castle, Pulse

Learn what each of the FBI Operators have to offer.

In Rainbow Six: Siege, Operators are divided into Counter Terrorist Units, which contain two Attackers and two Defenders. Each Operator possesses a special gadget that offers different approaches to their tactical gameplay. This guide gives a brief overview of all four FBI Operator profiles, with details on each character’s special perks and attributes.

Keep in mind that only one player can use a particular Operator during each match. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with several Operators to allow for more tactical options when composing your team in multiplayer. We will cover all the special forces in each Operator unit, so head over to our other guides to review each one.

FBI Operator Profile - Ash (Attacker)

If you want to breach a barricade from a far distance, Ash's Breach Launcher is perfect for the job.
  • Armor: Light
  • Speed: Fast
  • Primary Weapons: G36C, Remington R4
  • Secondary Weapons: M45 MEUSOC, 5.7 USG
  • General Gadgets: Breach Charge, Smoke Grenade
  • Special Gadget: Breach Launcher

Ash, also known as Eliza Cohen, is a native of Israel with an affinity for explosives. Ash has refined her demolitions knowledge since her days in the IMF, and now serves as a member of the FBI SWAT. Ash has used her understanding of explosives and demolitions to create a modified grenade launcher called the M120 CREM, which fires a devastating Breach Round from a distance. The breaching round from this weapon will automatically detonate after digging into nearly any surface.

As an Attacker variant for the FBI SWAT unit, Ash and her breach weapon are perfect for destroying barricaded doors and windows from a distance, which can help distract the enemy team while her teammates approach from a different angle. She has low armor protection, but high speed, allowing her to quickly close the gap after a long distance breach.

FBI Operator Profile - Thermite (Attacker)

  • Armor: Medium
  • Speed: Medium
  • Primary Weapons: M1014, 556xi
  • Secondary Weapons: M45 MEUSOC, 5.7 USG
  • General Gadgets: Breach Charge, Frag Grenade
  • Special Gadget: Exothermic Charge

As the name implies, Thermite is an FBI SWAT Operator who combines his knowledge of chemistry with his tactical capabilities. Thermite’s real name is Jordan Trace, and he’s a former marine who served in the Iraq war. After earning a Chemistry degree, Thermite decided to apply his knowledge to more strategic endeavors by becoming an FBI SWAT agent.

Thermite is the other Attacker option for the FBI SWAT unit. He comes equipped with a unique exothermic breach charge gadget that can easily melt through tough walls and barricades. Thermite has medium levels of both armor and speed, making him a balanced asset to any offensive team. Unlike Ash, Thermite must get up close to a surface to apply his breach charge, but watching the sparks fly upon detonation makes it worth the risk.

FBI Operator Profile - Castle (Defender)

Castle's armored barricades provide extra protection when your team is holding down an area.
  • Armor: Medium
  • Speed: Medium
  • Primary Weapons: UMP 45, M1014
  • Secondary Weapons: M45 MEUSOC, 5.7 USG
  • General Gadgets: Deployable Shield, Barbed Wire
  • Special Gadget: Bulletproof Barricade

Miles Campbell, also known as Castle, is a former LAPD officer who decided to take his skills to the federal level by joining the FBI. As a Defender Operator for the FBI SWAT unit, Castle has a special skillset focused around defensive tactics and intelligence.

Castle comes equipped with a special bulletproof barricade that is far more resistant than the standard issue defensive equipment. These armored panels can withstand a great deal of damage, providing the necessary level of protections to secure an area. Like Thermite, Castle has medium ratings in both armor and speed, making him a great choice for mid-range defensive strategies.

FBI Operator Profile - Pulse (Defender)

  • Armor: Light
  • Speed: Fast
  • Primary Weapons: M1014, UMP 45
  • Secondary Weapons: M45 MEUSOC, 5.7 USG
  • General Gadgets: Barbed Wire, Nitro Cell
  • Special Gadget: Heartbeat Sensor

Jack Estrada, who goes by the name Pulse, is educated in both biochemistry and communications. He was able to fuse his knowledge of both these fields to interpret enemies in unique new ways. Pulse’s special gadget is the HB-5 Cardiac Sensor, a heartbeat sensor that allows him to detect both allied and enemy thermal signatures through obstructions and from a distance.

Since Pulse is one of the defensive Operator options for the FBI SWAT unit, he supports his teammates by providing valuable recon on enemy locations in the field. Pulse is light on his feet, but has a low level of armor. However, what he lacks in sustain, he makes up for in supportive intel.

For information on how to earn Renown to unlock these awesome Operators, check out our guide on how to earn Renown in Rainbow Six: Siege.

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