Rainbow 6 Siege: GSG 9 Operator Guide - Blitz, IQ, Jager, Bandit

Rainbow 6 Siege: GSG 9 Operator Guide - Blitz, IQ, Jager, Bandit

Learn what gives these German operators a tactical edge.

This guide gives an overview of the four GSG 9 Operators available in Rainbow 6: Siege. Each counter-terrorism unit consists of a pair of Attackers, and a pair of Defenders. We will cover each of their unique gadgets and skills to help you pick the best Operator for your team.

Keep in mind that Operators can only be played by one player at a time per match. Be sure to unlock and familiarize yourself with several Operator variants so that you are prepared for all scenarios. Check out our other Operator guides to see what valuable attributes each unit has.

GSG 9 Operator Profile - IQ (Attacker)

IQ can detect enemy electronic equipment before they ever see her coming.
  • Armor: Light
  • Speed: Fast
  • Primary Weapons: Aug A2, SIG 552 Commando, G8A1
  • Secondary Weapon: P12 Handgun
  • General Gadgets: Breach Charge, Stun Grenade
  • Special Gadget: Red MKIII “Spectre” Electronics Detector

Monika Weiss is known for being highly intelligent and a fast learner, which has earned her the nickname “IQ”. With her background in electrical engineering, she is comfortable using electronics to gain a tactical advantage in the field.

IQ is one of the Attacker variants available in the German GSG 9 counter-terrorist unit. Her wrist-mounted electronics detector is a unique gadget that can detect enemy electronic traps and devices from a distance. The screen on her electronics detector will display feedback regarding all enemy electronics within a given range. Since her special gadget is a more supportive weapon, she actually has three primary weapons available to choose from. Although she is used as an offensive Attacker, IQ provides a decent level of intel for her teammates.

GSG 9 Operator Profile - Blitz (Attacker)

  • Armor: Heavy
  • Speed: Slow
  • Primary Weapons: G52 Tactical Light Shield
  • Secondary Weapon: P12 Handgun
  • General Gadgets: Breach Charge, Smoke Grenade
  • Special Gadget: G52 Tactical Light Shield

Elias Kötz, also known as Blitz, earned his nickname by aggressively charging into hostiles with his riot shield. In fact, his only primary weapon option happens to also be his unique gadget, the G52 Tactical Light Shield. This enhanced riot shield is equipped with built in flash charges, capable of blinding and stunning enemies while providing a high level of protection.

Along with his shield, Blitz has high armor, making him perfect for making aggressive pushes into hostile territory. However, with his limited loadout, Blitz relies heavily on teammates to do most of the offensive damage. If you need a point man for your team, consider bringing Blitz into the fight.

GSG 9 Operator Profile - Jäger (Defender)

Jäger comes equipped with a trophy system that neutralizes enemy projectiles.
  • Armor: Light
  • Speed: Fast
  • Primary Weapons: M870 Shotgun, 416-C Carbine
  • Secondary Weapon: P12 Handgun
  • General Gadgets: Deployable Shield, Barbed Wire
  • Special Gadget: ADS-MKIV “Magpie” Active Defense System

Marius Streicher, known by his codename Jäger, is a seasoned GSG 9 helicopter operator and tech advisor. Jäger’s unique gadget is an active defense trophy system that can block and neutralize incoming projectiles. Place this device on floors or walls to defend against enemy grenades that may be lobbed in your direction. Each Magpie will block up to two projectiles.

Jäger stands out from the other Defender Operators due to his primary weapon loadout. He appears to be one of the only defensive Operators to come equipped with a powerful assault rifle, the 416-C Carbine. This weapon combined with his high mobility and supportive device makes Jäger one of the more well-rounded Defender options.

GSG 9 Operator Profile - Bandit (Defender)

  • Armor: Light
  • Speed: Fast
  • Primary Weapons: MP7 Submachine, M870 Shotgun
  • Secondary Weapon: P12 Handgun
  • General Gadgets: Barbed Wire, Nitro Cell
  • Special Gadget: CED-1 Shock Wire

Dominic Brunsmeier, aka Bandit, is known for his ability to MacGyver useless items into tactical weaponry. His unique gadget is essentially a repurposed car battery rigged with a taser. Placing his shock wire battery near barbed wire, reinforced walls, and deployable shields can send an electrical charge through these items, adding a bit of shock value to metal defensive equipment. Players using Bandit should opt for Barbed Wire as their secondary gadget, as it will work in conjunction with his special gadget.

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