Rainbow 6 Siege Guide - Earn Renown, Best Operator

Rainbow 6 Siege Guide - Earn Renown, Best Operator

Everything you need to know about Rainbow 6 Siege.

This page will serve as the main guide for Rainbow 6 Siege, a tactical first-person shooter from Ubisoft. Our guide will cover tips for both Attackers and Defenders, full operator profiles for every faction, including the FBI, SAS, Spetsnaz, GIGN and GSG 9. We’ll also help you earn more Renown, and even give you a full walkthrough on how you can win as either side while playing on Hostage, Secure Area and Bomb. Finally, we’ll list the best operators in the game.

Rainbow 6 Siege Tips

  • As an Attacker, use your Drone to scout for the objective during the Preparation Phase. Finding it can be the difference between winning and losing.
  • If you don’t find the objective with your Drone, you can still access it during the Action Phase. Make finding the objective your number one priority.
  • Vertical thinking is huge in Rainbow 6 Siege. Be on the lookout for breach points in the roof and floors. No matter what side you’re playing as, it’s a game changer.
  • Master the art of the peek and lean. If you can get shots on your opponent without exposing your entire body to fire, you’re more likely to win.
  • Communicate with your team effectively, leaving the mic open for callouts, and so you can hear footsteps as your opponents move around. This is huge.

Rainbow 6 Siege Guides

Rainbow 6 Siege: Attacker Tips - Drones, Breaching Charges, Lines of Sight

Our Attacker tips will talk about how you can effectively use your Drone to get the edge on your opponent, as well as tips for using breaching charges to create new lanes and lines of sight.

Rainbow 6 Siege: Defender Tips - Barricades, Destroying Drones, Go Prone

Defenders have it rough, but our tips will help you to effectively destroy the Attacker’s Drones, as well as how to properly barricade the objective area and utilize the prone position.

Rainbow 6 Siege: How to Earn More Renown - Challenges, Tutorial Videos

Earning Renown in Rainbow 6 Siege can be a slow process, but there are some things that you can do to speed things along. Our tips will show you how to earn 800 Renown in five minutes.

Rainbow 6 Siege: FBI Operator Guide - Ash, Thermite, Castle, Pulse

The FBI have some of the more popular operators in the game. We’ll break each one down for you, giving a detailed look at the skills that they can each bring to the table.

Rainbow 6 Siege: SAS Operator Guide - Sledge, Thatcher, Smoke, Mute

Everybody loves Sledge, but then again hitting things with giant sledgehammers is fun. We’ll tell you why Mute and Smoke are two of the Defenders that you shouldn’t overlook.

Rainbow 6 Siege: Spetsnaz Operator Guide - Fuze, Glaz, Kapkan, Tachanka

Fuze is one of the best operators in the game to deal with enemies who won’t leave the objective area, unless of course you’re playing Hostage, in which case he can be a liability.

Rainbow 6 Siege: GSG 9 Operator Guide - Blitz, IQ, Jager, Bandit

IQ and Jager might be the standouts here, but there are no bad operators when they’re being used by the right player. Learn to master all of the GSG 9 crew with this guide.

Rainbow 6 Siege: GIGN Operator Guide - Montagne, Twitch, Doc, Rook

Rook, with his armor inserts, is one of our favorite Defenders in the game. The rest of GIGN aren’t that bad either. Learn to use them all so you’re never out of the fight.

Rainbow 6 Siege: Who is the Best Operator - Fuze, Thermite, Rook, Pulse

This is a loaded question, but it’s one that we think we’re up to answering for you. We’ll run down the best operators in the game, helping you improve your chances of winning.

Rainbow 6 Siege: Terrorist Hunt Tips - Communication and Traps

Terrorist Hunt is a co-op game mode in Rainbow 6 Siege, and it’s actually a lot of fun with the right crew. We’ll help you get through even the toughest of challenges.

Rainbow 6 Siege: Situation Tips - Objectives, Choke Points, Drones

This mode is to train players on what to expect while playing Rainbow 6 Siege in multi-player, but some of these Situations are more difficult than you’d expect. Get the drop on the enemy.

Rainbow 6 Siege: How to Win Playing Bomb - Attackers and Defenders

Bomb is one of the more popular game modes in Rainbow 6 Siege, and it’s also difficult to play if you’re an Attacker. However, we have tips for both sides.

Rainbow 6 Siege: How to Win Playing Hostage - How to Not Kill the Hostage

Find out why Fuze is a horrible option while playing Hostage. Yes, we know you think you’re too good to let that happen to you, but trust us… leave Fuze at home please.

Rainbow 6 Siege: How to Win Playing Secure Area - Attacker and Defender Tips

Like most game modes, Secure Area turns into a TDM most of the time. Here’s how you can actually play the objective, if that’s the sort of thing that you’re into.

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