Rainbow 6 Siege: How to Earn More Renown

Rainbow 6 Siege: How to Earn More Renown

Increase your Renown rewards to unlock new Operators.

In Rainbow Six: Siege, player progression is based around XP, as well as an in-game currency called Renown. Renown is mainly used for unlocking and upgrading the various Operator classes, and is earned by performing certain tasks throughout the game. This guide will cover the different ways players can earn Renown, as well as tips for maximizing your rewards.

As players unlock Operators, the Renown price for new Operators from that same Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) will increase by 500 Renown with each character unlock. Unlocking Operators, weapons, and skins can get pricey very quickly, so it’s important to perform tasks that help maintain a steady flow of Renown. Activities that offer Renown are indicated by a yellow dogtag icon, along with the value of the reward.

View the Tutorials

The easiest way to earn Renown early on is to view the tutorial videos available on the main screen. Each tutorial video introduces players to the game’s various tactical elements, including barricades and wall breaching. Although the tutorial videos are helpful, it’s not necessary to watch the entire video to earn Renown.

If you just want to earn some quick Renown, simply click on each tutorial and press B on Xbox One or Circle on PS4 to exit out of the video. When prompted about exiting the tutorial, press Yes. Viewing a single tutorial is worth 200 Renown, and watching all of the available videos grants another 200, meaning players can virtually pocket 800 Renown within minutes of opening the game.

Viewing each Tutorial video will grant a quick 800 Renown, without even playing the game.

Complete Situation Objectives

Rainbow Six: Siege offers a single player mode called Situations, which consists of various training scenarios to help players hone their tactical skills before participating in multiplayer. Although Renown is rewarded for completing each Situation, players can maximize their Renown reward by accomplishing the various secondary Objectives during a mission.

Each Situation lists three optional Objectives that players can accomplish during that particular mission. Objectives differ for each Situation, and range from eliminating enemies with headshots, to preventing hostile forces from touching a bomb defuser. Achieving an Objective will grant additional Renown upon completion of the Situation, and will be indicated by a star within the Situation list.

Situations also range in difficulty between Normal, Hard, and Realistic. Completing Situations at higher difficulties reward more XP and Renown. Keep the secondary Objectives in mind when starting each Situation, and don’t be afraid to attempt a higher difficulty. Players who challenge themselves during Situations tend to earn Renown at a much higher rate.

Try to complete secondary objectives during Situations to earn extra Renown.

Set Goals During Multiplayer

After earning some Renown, players can unlock several Operators to utilize in multiplayer. There are three online multiplayer game modes available: Hostage, Secure Area, and Bomb. Completing ranked multiplayer matches rewards players with XP and Renown. Much like other shooter games, players can earn a higher reward for accomplishing valuable tasks during a match. Activities like defusing a bomb, reviving teammates, getting assists and landing headshots can all increase the potential amount of Renown and XP a player can earn. Check back each day for new Daily Challenges to steadily maintain your overall Renown. Make the most of each multiplayer match by performing supportive actions for your team to ensure a higher reward in the end.

Purchase Boosters

If you’re willing to shell out some real-world money on in-game items, Rainbow Six: Siege offers a variety of microtransactions to help expedite the unlock process. In the Store section of the game, players can purchase R6 credits, which can in turn be spent on various in-game items. Players can earn Renown faster by buying Boosters that temporarily increase the rate of Renown earned over a short period of time. If you are already inclined to complete objectives and challenges for increased XP rewards, then Boosters are a good way to maximize your overall Renown earnings as well.

The Season Pass also offers several incentives for players looking to amplify their Renown rewards. Players who purchase the Season Pass are given a permanent 5% Renown Boost to speed up their progression, and also receive five daily challenges rather than three, allowing for more opportunities to earn Renown. Players who plan on spending a lot of time in Rainbow Six: Siege may want to consider this option.

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