Rainbow 6 Siege - How to Win at Hostage

Rainbow 6 Siege - How to Win at Hostage

Secure the hostage at all costs.

This guide provides an overview on how to play the Hostage multiplayer mode in Rainbow 6 Siege, with tips on how to succeed as either Attacker or Defender. For both teams, the hostage is precious cargo that must be secured at all costs. Follow our advice for keeping the hostage out of enemy hands, and you will be earning extra Renown at the end of the match in no time.

We also have guides for the other two game modes, Hostage and Bomb. The links to both of those articles are listed below.

Unlike Bomb, there is only one target to worry about in Hostage, and that’s the hostage herself. Players on both teams only have one life, and must work together to either extract the hostage or keep the hostage secure from the opposing team. Killing the hostage on either team results in a loss for that team, so watch your fire.

Hostage - Attacker Tips

The goal of the attacking team is to locate the hostage and escort them to the extraction site within the allotted time. However, a round can also be won by eliminating all players on the opposing team. Similar to the other multiplayer game modes, Attackers begin a Hostage round by scouring the area with their Drones to locate the enemy target. Attackers have less than a minute to search throughout the building using Drones, marking any enemy players that are encountered along the way. Once the hostage is discovered, their location will be indicated on the display during the Action Phase.

Once the Action Phase begins, head toward the hostage location, if it was discovered. Keep an eye out for reinforced structures, such as walls and barricades, as these will likely have enemy players positioned nearby. Since Attackers need to extract the hostage, it is a good idea to have an Operator that has a riot shield, such as Blitz. Teammates can follow behind Blitz and his riot shield to infiltrate the hostage location, providing added defense for the hostage once the team moves in for the rescue.

Remember that breach charges can be used on other destructible surfaces other than doorways and windows. Breach through walls to surprise the enemy team and open up your line of sight on the hostage. Just be careful not to hit the hostage with your explosives, as this can injure or kill the hostage, resulting in a loss. Also, charging into a hot zone is almost always a bad idea in Siege. Calculate your approach with teammates to extract the hostage safely.

Once the attacking team reaches the hostage location, one of the Attackers must grab the hostage, and escort them outside to the extraction point. The player escorting the hostage will have only a pistol available while carrying the hostage, so be sure to provide cover fire for both the hostage and teammate as they make their way outside. The hostage can be set down again, but just remember that the hostage must be extracted within the time limit.

Hostage - Tips for Defenders

The Defenders are tasked with keeping the hostage protected from the enemy team. To do this, they must fortify the area around the hostage and hold off the opposition for the allotted amount of time. During the Preparation Phase, the Defenders will have under a minute to build barricades on entryways and reinforce walls before the enemies arrive.

Keep an eye out for enemy Drones that may arrive near your feet during the Preparation Phase. Try to shoot and destroy any rolling Drones you encounter to prevent the enemy team from finding the hostage’s location.

Try to put your strongest protections around the room where the hostage is located. Place barbed wire around the hostage herself in order to slow down an enemy who may attempt to grab the hostage. However, try not to place Nitro Cells too close to the hostage. If they detonate close enough to the hostage to kill her, that spells defeat for your team.

Scoot toward corners to protect your back while waiting for enemies, and try to have eyes on the hostage in case an Attacker is able to somehow sneak in. Lying prone on the ground helps reduce the areas where you can get shot, and can also catch an enemy off guard if you position yourself correctly.

Defending the hostage for the full round duration or eliminating all enemy players will result in a win for the Defender team. Hold out as long as possible, and be ready to keep enemies at bay to secure some additional Renown at the end of the match.

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