Rainbow 6 Siege: How to Win Playing Bomb

Rainbow 6 Siege: How to Win Playing Bomb

Learn to win as either side playing Bomb.

This guide will give you tips on how to win while playing the Bomb game mode in Rainbow 6 Siege, whether you are the Attackers or Defenders. There are a total of three multi-player game modes that players can choose from, but for the most part they all turn into team deathmatch. Our tips will help you to spend more time playing the objective, hopefully scoring you a little extra Renown when the match is over.

If you want to study up on the other two game modes, Secure Area and Hostage, we’ll also be covering those with some tips that the average player could use. You can find links to those articles below.

Bomb - Attacker Tips

The first priority as an Attacker is to use your Drones to locate the one or both of the bombs that are in the target building. If you have five players, you will have five Drones to conduct the search. Being able to talk to your team is key here, as you don’t want all of your Drones to scour the same level or area. If you plan to go upstairs, let your team know so that someone can cover the basement, and someone else can search the main floor. The bombs will most likely be found close together, and locating at least one is a huge key to your success. If you don’t find either, you’ll have to use part of your Action Phase to locate one, and that isn’t ideal at all.

Once the Action Phase does kick off, players will have four minutes to move to one of the bomb locations and activate the Defuser. Only one player will have this device, so if they go down you’ll have to move to their location and retrieve it. Watch that the enemy isn’t camping it.

As a team, decide which bomb location you’re going to attack, and start forming a plan to get into that area effectively. Is there a roof breach that you can utilize? Are their exterior windows that can be used to gain access? Ideally you want to avoid attacking the bomb that is most heavily defended, and often you’ll find that one of them has been completely ignored. If one isn’t being covered by the Defenders, it is most definitely going to be your target, even if you have to change your plan mid-round.

Each Attacker will also have an additional Drone when the Action Phase begins, so keep that in mind as the round plays out. You don’t have to rush blindly into the target room and get shot from the corner. You could send in your Drone to scout things out and mark a few enemies. After all, it’s just a Drone, and if it gets destroyed, who cares?

When you finally move into the area where the bomb is and secure it, have the person holding the Defuser activate it. This will kick off a 45 second timer in which your team must defend it, or kill all of the Attackers that are trying to stop you. All bets are off here, so use every trick and gadget in the book to hold the area down. When the Defuser does its job or the enemy is dead, the round is over.

Bomb - Defender Tips

When a round of Bomb begins, your first order of business is going to be to ensure that the Attacker’s Drones don’t find one or both of the bombs. This can be done by using Mute and his Unique Gadget, the MONI Signal Disrupter. Place it at doors and in stairwells to prevent enemy Drones from locating the bomb and getting a head start on the action.

It’s also important that you divide your forces up to have both the A and B bomb covered. If you stack up on one bomb and completely fortify the room, you might find yourself trapped in that room while the Attackers defuse the other bomb uncontested. It’s an embarrassing situation to be in, and we speak from experience.

It’s not a bad idea to have Jager, Castle and Rook on your team. Jager has the ADS-MKIV “Magpie” Active Defense System, which will destroy incoming projectiles like Frag Grenades. Castle has the Bulletproof Barricade, allowing players to actually reinforce doors and windows, rather than just barricade them with wood that can be shot through or bashed. Finally, Rook will be able to provide your team with the R1N “Rhino” Armor, helping to ensure that they have a small edge in the gun battles that are sure to take place.

If it seems like we’re focusing on the Preparation Phase a lot, it’s because that is where the game is won and lost for the Defenders. Yes, the Action Phase is important, but being properly prepared will greatly increase the odds of victory. As a final part of that preparation, place Deployable Shields very close to the doorways that Attackers must get through. They can be destroyed, sure, but that’s not easy, and it will most certainly slow them down since they won’t be able to squeeze through. It’s a dirty trick, honestly, and one that will most likely see a patch at some point.

When the Action Phase does begin, spend a few of the early seconds in the round using any cameras that are available to your team. You can often spot the Attackers moving in, giving your squad the heads up on which direction they need to be the most concerned about. Knowledge is power in Rainbow 6 Siege, and Defenders should always seek to learn more about their enemy.

Beyond that, all that’s left to do is win the gun battles. We can’t help you shoot straight (sorry, but we really can’t), so you’ll have to do that on your own. Remember to utilize the game’s lean mechanic to try and minimize the amount of your body that’s exposed to fire, and always know when you have a wall that can be shot through close to you. The last thing that you want to do is take one in the dome through some weak drywall.

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