Rainbow 6 Siege: Situations Tips

Rainbow 6 Siege: Situations Tips

Sharpen your tactical skills by completing Situations.

In Rainbow Six: Siege, the single player Situations mode offers players the chance to hone their tactical skills while earning some extra Renown in the process. For this guide, we’ve put together several tips for success in Situations mode that will help you take advantage of what this single player feature has to offer.

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Strive for Objectives

One of the first things players will notice about Situations mode is the potential Renown to be earned from completing Objectives. Upon loading a Situation, players are prompted of several secondary Objectives that can be completed for that particular mission. These objectives usually consist of accomplishing specific tasks, including killing a blinded enemy, getting a certain number of headshots, etc. After successfully completing a Situation, players are rewarded additional Renown for each Objective they completed during that match. This is one of the fastest ways to earn Renown, which is the in-game currency used for unlocking new Operators and attachments.

Drones act as a surveillance camera when parked in hostile territory.

Release the Drones

In a tactical game like Siege, recon is your best friend (unless you’re playing with your actual best friend on multiplayer). When entering a Situation as an Attacker, try to scope out the enemy base using your drone early on to gather intel. You should have a pair of these rolling drones equipped in your arsenal, so deploy them in different locations to get a better idea of where the enemies are located. Just make sure you are in a safe location before doing so, as deploying the drone will instantly bring you into its camera perspective.

Keep in mind that enemies can destroy your drone if they happen to notice it roll past their feet. Try to keep the drone somewhat hidden behind obstacles as you drive it through hostile territory, to prevent it from getting prematurely destroyed before gathering enough intel. Drones can also be left inside rooms to provide surveillance for later. Simply park the drone somewhere with a good line of sight on an enemy or target, and access the surveillance camera by pressing down on the directional pad.

Try a Different Angle

If you are having trouble completing a particular Situation, consider (literally) approaching the Situation from a different angle. Oftentimes ambushing from the roof of a building or through a side window will catch enemy AI off guard, allowing you to take them out. Some enemies are positioned close enough to entryways and windows that you can eliminate them easily before even entering the building.

Rappel along the sides of buildings and breach windows to catch enemies off guard.

This tactic applies to breaching as well. When several enemy AI are positioned in a particular room, they tend to focus their attention toward suspicious sounds that you make, or toward doorways in general. Try to catch them off guard by using breaching charges to blow up destructible walls to open up your line of sight on the enemy. Another method is to breach a barricaded doorway with a breaching charge to lure the enemies out, and position yourself off to the side to pick them off once they come searching for you.

Make Your Own Choke Points

Some Situations require players to defend a bomb defuser or hostage target from incoming enemy AI. When defending an area, look for a spot where your back is protected from doorways or openings. Then, determine which direction the enemy AI will most likely approach from. Certain Situations are set up perfectly for filtering enemies through narrow choke points, allowing you to easily defend a bomb defuser or other target.

Some Situations are set up perfectly for funneling enemy AI through choke points.

Go Prone When Defending

Going prone can greatly improve your ability to successfully defend an area during a Situation. Lying on the ground reduces where you can get shot by the enemy, and can also prevent being spotted right away if an enemy enters where you’re located. Going prone allows players to peek through the gap at the base of barricaded doorways that drones typically roll through. This is also beneficial when playing as an Attacker, since you can plink a few shots at enemies from beneath barricaded doorways to lure them out or blast them with a pre-planned breach charge.

Now that you know how to tackle Situations, head over to our Rainbow 6 Siege Terrorist Hunt guide for tips on the popular co-op mode.

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