Rainbow 6 Siege: Spetsnaz Operator Guide - Fuze, Glaz, Kapkan, Tachanka

Rainbow 6 Siege: Spetsnaz Operator Guide - Fuze, Glaz, Kapkan, Tachanka

See why the Spetsnaz don’t mess around.

This guide will take you through the Spetsnaz Operators in Rainbow 6 Siege, including Fuze, Glaz, Kapkan and Tachanka. They are split into two groups of two, divided by Attackers and Defenders. We’ll be looking at each of them, outlining their unique characteristics and strengths in the CQB situations of Rainbow 6 Siege.

We’re not just focusing on the Spetsnaz, either. We’ll be going through every organization in Rainbow 6 Siege, giving you a complete look at all the available Operators in the game. Since only one player can use an Operator per match, it’s best if you are familiar with all of them before you head into the game’s multi-player modes.

Spetsnaz Operator Profile - Fuze (Attacker)

  • Armor: Heavy
  • Speed: Slow
  • Primary Weapons: Ballistic Shield, 6P41, AK-12
  • Secondary Weapons: PMM, GSH-18
  • Generic Gadgets: Breach Charge, Stun Grenade
  • Unique Gadget: APM-6 Matryoshka

Fuze is quite slow for an Attacker, but his armor is heavy, more than making up for the lack of mobility. He has one of the more effective gadgets in the game with the APM-6 Matryoshka, a type of Breach Charge that uses Cluster Charges to pierce walls and barricades, damaging the enemies on the other side. It’s a great way to tip the scales in your favor, without having to deal with the messiness of a gun battle.

Spetsnaz Operator Profile - Glaz (Attacker)

Glaz is a sniper at heart, making him a somewhat unpopular option.
  • Armor: Medium
  • Speed: Medium
  • Primary Weapons: OTS-03
  • Secondary Weapons: PMM, GSH-18
  • Generic Gadgets: Smoke Grenade, Breach Charge
  • Unique Gadget: HDS Flip Sight

Glaz might fall into the under-used category when it comes to Operators in Rainbow 6 Siege. His armor and speed are average, but his unique gadget, the HDS Flip Sight is a long range option in a game where close up and personal is the standard. We’ve seen players be successful with him in some games, but those are few and far between. Glaz will be an operator for those who enjoy hanging back and sniping.

Spetsnaz Operator Profile - Kapkan (Defender)

If you enjoy setting trapls for your foes, Kapkan might be the Operator for you.
  • Armor: Heavy
  • Speed: Slow
  • Primary Weapons: 9X19VSN, SASG-12
  • Secondary Weapons: PMM, GSH-18
  • Generic Gadgets: Barbed Wire, Nitro Cell
  • Unique Gadget: EDD MK II Entry Denial Device

Kapkan is a great Defender. He’s slow, but has good armor and his unique gadget is a type of trip mine that can be placed at doors and windows. As players get more used to Rainbow 6 Siege, they will become more aware of these traps, but they are at the very least a formidable way to slow the Attackers down. Lay these charges at popular breach points to score a few lucky kills, and always keep the enemy honest in their approach.

Spetsnaz Operator Profile - Tachanka (Defender)

  • Armor: Heavy
  • Speed: Slow
  • Primary Weapons: SASG-12, 9X19VSN
  • Secondary Weapons: PMM, GSH-18
  • Generic Gadgets: Barbed Wire, Deployable Shield
  • Unique Gadget: Mounted LMG

Tachanka is, like most of the Spetsnaz, slow. He does, however, have great armor, and his unique gadget makes him an amazing defender. The Mounted LMG can be set up to cover areas or choke points safely, and it can be used by any of your teammates. He also has a Deployable Shield, which is really handy for making that final stand in the objective area, or even covering a stairwell without exposing yourself too much.

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