Rainbow 6 Siege: Terrorist Hunt Tips

Rainbow 6 Siege: Terrorist Hunt Tips

Keep these tips in mind when hunting terrorists.

In Rainbow Six: Siege, co-op fans can enjoy the return of the classic PvE game mode Terrorist Hunt, alternatively known as TerroHunt mode. Although this fan favorite no longer features split-screen, it does offer some intense and eventful matches. This guide provides several tips that players both new and old should keep in mind before delving into a Terrorist Hunt match.

Terrorist Hunt features online matchmaking as well as Lone-Wolf play for those looking to take on the terrorists in a solo run. Along with the classic hostile elimination mode, several new scenarios have been added as Terrorist Hunts. The first is a Disarm Bomb situation, which requires players to work together to disarm a pair of bombs found in separate locations. The other is a Protect Hostage scenario, where players must maintain the safety of a hostage while enemy AI attempt to assassinate the target. Players looking for an added challenge can also increase the difficulty setting of each match, or embark on a solo mission in Lone-Wolf match.

Communication is Key

Good Terrorist Hunt teams tend to have clear lines of communication. Using a headset with a mic is crucial for success during online matchmaking. Communication is essential for performing call-outs on enemy positions, providing intel on bomb or hostage locations, and even signaling for help when injured. Many players will dread going into a match with mic-less teammates, since team communication plays such a vital role in the outcome of a match. Don’t be afraid to equip a mic to call out the location of an enemy, or warn a teammate of an explosive in the room ahead. Team communication can often determine the success or failure of a match.

Know Your Role

Part of a team’s success in Terrorist Hunt can be determined before the match even begins. Although there are some instances where players must defend a hostage in Terrorist Hunt, the Attacker role seems to appear a bit more often. Since only one player can be assigned to a particular Operator per match, it is important to have at least three or more Operators unlocked before matchmaking in order to ensure the desired Operator is available. Familiarize yourself with multiple Operator variants to aid your team effectively.

Before the start of a match, ask your teammates about which Operator they plan to use and what the desired spawn point should be. There is a brief window of time to strategize with teammates before a match, so make these moments count. Try to select Operators with special gadgets that complement the playstyles of other teammates. For example, if a teammate has chosen to play as Bandit, then it is a good idea to equip barbed wire or other metal equipment, as these can be electrified by Bandit’s special gadget. Select purposeful loadouts and Operators to make the most of your team’s lineup. Likewise, lone-wolf players will want to pick Operators that offer more personal benefits.

If you are looking for details on Operators and their special features, we have put together guides for each Operator based on their national unit. Links to each Operator guide are provided above.

Stay Vigilant of Traps

After several Terrorist Hunt matches, players will quickly notice that the enemy AI love to litter their stronghold with barbed wire and nitro cells. When playing as an Attacker, barbed wire can slow you down, but can also be an indication of nearby enemies. Three melee hits will destroy barbed wire and nab you a few extra points, so it’s always beneficial to take out these metallic traps.

As an Attacker in Terrorist Hunt, watch out for areas filled with Nitro Cell C4 charges.

Nitro cells are basically small C4 explosives that can be planted on floors, walls, or pretty much any surface. You can spot these lethal explosives by looking for the small red glowing light emitted from their topside. Setting off even a pair of nitro cells can easily kill a player, so be sure to shoot and destroy any planted C4 you happen to come across. Rooms guarded with nitro cells will usually have a ton of these C4 planted throughout the room, so make a thorough scan of the area before entering, or simply avoid such rooms altogether. The Operator “IQ” can also use her wrist-mounted gadget to detect nearby electronics, including nitro cells, to warn teammates before rushing into a deadly situation.

Speaking of explosives, keep an eye out for suicide bombers during Terrorist Hunt. Some enemy AI will have a bomb strapped to their torso, which they will detonate upon getting close enough to you or your allies. If you see one of these suicide bombers, try to take them out quickly, and preferably from a distance, to avoid an untimely explosion.

Travel with Teammates

This tip is fairly straightforward. When playing online with friends or strangers in Terrorist Hunt mode, it is usually a good idea to travel with a buddy when approaching a hostile situation. Enter rooms while looking in opposite directions to prevent getting ambushed by enemy AI that can approach from multiple entry points. Keeping close to teammates also allows for quicker revives when you or another player gets injured. Try to watch out for one another, but avoid running into your teammate’s line of sight. No one likes friendly fire, other than trolls. Be mindful of your teammates' locations, and try not to get trigger happy when shooting an enemy nearby.

Stay close to a teammate and provide cover fire when necessary, especially when wielding a shield.

Staying close to teammates is particularly useful when someone selects a shield-wielding Operator, such as Blitz. These types of characters are meant to act as either a pointman or front line of defense, so it’s best to stick close behind a shielded player to help support their advances.

Play with Caution

Newer Rainbow Six players who come from a background of fast-twitch shooters will likely find Terrorist Hunt to be a bit more difficult than expected. Terrorist Hunt AI are notorious for being quite challenging, even on Normal difficulty. Being overconfident and charging into an area can lead to a quick death. Instead, slow down a bit and approach each situation with caution to eliminate enemies strategically. More points are earned for completing a Terrorist Hunt match with no player deaths, making player preservation an objective in itself.

Most of the guns have quite a bit of recoil, at least until they are fitted with the proper attachments. Aim carefully, and try to pulse the trigger when firing an automatic weapon at enemies to minimize the extra kick that most of the guns have. Once the enemy AI knows your position, they can close in on your location rather quickly. Stay alert and try to anticipate their movements, using any Operator gadgets that may offer this kind of advantage. Even baiting an enemy to your location can prove effective, especially if you can lure the AI through a doorway or choke point. Teams that exhibit slower, more calculated movements tend to readily earn more victories.

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