Rainbow Moon Sequel Coming Next Year

The follow-up to SideQuest Studios' gorgeous tactical RPG will be upon PS3 and Vita owners in 2014.

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2012's Rainbow Moon was a curious game; the work of German outfit SideQuest Studios, you'd be forgiven for thinking this download-only PS3 exclusive was an original Japanese title in terms of its design and play style.

Taking the form of a traditional J-style dungeon crawler with the lightweight turn-based tactical combat of games such as The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Rainbow Moon drew praise for its sumptuous visuals, lengthy quest and and solid mechanics. Reviewers such as our sister site Eurogamer's Christian Donlan did, however, note that the game took a while to get going and open up all its features -- though we're talking five hours or so, not a Final Fantasy XIII-style 20+ hours -- and that it could be a bit grindy at times.

Despite its few flaws, Rainbow Moon was a generally well-received if somewhat underappreciated title. Now it's getting a sequel, and this time both PlayStation 3 and Vita owners will be able to enjoy the fun.

The artwork is already looking lovely.

Rainbow Skies, as the new game is called, apparently "combines lots of fan feedback with [SideQuest Studios'] own vision," according to the developer's CEO Marcus Pukropski. "[It] will be an awesome mix of old meets new."

Details on the new game are relatively slim right now, but it seems that the new adventure will unfold across two parallel worlds and incorporate a monster-taming element. Battles will still be turn-based -- presumably using a variation on Rainbow Moon's tactical grid-based system -- and will feature a new combo attack system. There will also be new minigames throughout the quest -- including the ever-popular fishing -- and, apparently, a "technically perfect game engine that runs at 60fps with little to no load times." That last bit sounds suspiciously like hyperbole, but it's nice to know that the developer is putting a strong focus on performance.

Rainbow Moon was about 50 hours long, making it one of the more substantial download-only titles out there. Rainbow Skies claims to double that potential playtime with its optional content and sidequests, though enduring for that long is made a little easier thanks to Cross-Play support between PS3 and Vita, meaning you'll be able to transfer your save from one version of the game to the other. There's been no mention of the game being Cross-Buy as yet.

Rainbow Skies will be out in 2014. Keep an eye on the official site for the latest.

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