Rainbow Six Siege Will Continue for the "Next 10 Years," No Sequel Planned

As a live service games go, there might be no success greater than Rainbow Six Siege's.

Rainbow Six Siege now has 27 million players, making it one of Ubisoft's biggest games. This didn't happen overnight either. Rainbow Six Siege might be the best evidence of playing the long game, slowly improving the game over years and attracting more and more players as a result. And that model isn't changing anytime soon according to Ubisoft.

"Today we have 36 operators. Year 3 will bring eight [more]. That 100 is a symbol of the longevity we want to have for the game," said Rainbow Six Siege brand director Alexandre Remy at this weekend's 2018 Invitational tournament. "We are saying extremely loudly here-there is no sequel planned. We will be here for the next 10 years. So expect more Rainbow Six in your life for quite some time."

So basically, there are no plans for a Rainbow Six Siege 2 at this point. It seems like the current model of releasing new content via seasonal updates has proven beneficial to the game and the rising player count is testament to the game's popularity. It's an impressive feat that a game three years old is actually growing in its third year.

After an initially rocky launch, Rainbow Six Siege has been updating its base game, adding new operators and gameplay refinements to become the game it is today. It is the definition of a live service game, though there are still controversies with the game. Outbreak, the timed-event with paid cosmetic crates have been met with some blowback, and a planned change in pricing was ultimately scrapped after player displeasure.

On the cosmetic crate situation, Remy told MCV that "I feel like the loot boxes act like the gift shop after the roller coaster. I am feeling very empathetic towards players upset with this, but at the same time I do not feel we are cheating anyone, I don't think we are being greedy whatsoever."

At its most recent earnings report, Ubisoft's CFO Alain Martinez explained that "On loot boxes, what we can say is that we define it as a question of quality and choice." Perhaps eager to distance its loot box offerings from the larger loot box controversy roiling the video game industry and pushing forward new legislation in the U.S. government.

There will be changes to the Rainbow Six's tiered product structure with all 20 legacy operators from the Standard Edition unlocked right off the bat, and past, current, and future attachments for operators unlocked as well. The Started Edition will now offer six operators rather than four.

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