Sea of Thieves' First Big Update Coming in May, More Promised in New Content Roadmap

New content starting next month!

Rare has published a letter detailing the content roadmap for Sea of Thieves. The studio is promising regular content updates and weekly events.

Rare announced that the regular content updates will add major new features along with new items and mechanics. Weekly events will add new mechanics and goals to achieve every week that will hopefully keep players busy on a regular basis.

The first content update is coming in early May and is called The Hungering Deep. The update will introduce a new AI threat that crews will have to team-up in order to discover and defeat. Rare is promising new mechanics to assist players in this endeavor. And of course there will be unique rewards for successfully completing the event as well.

Rare also says that two more content updates for the summer and another three before the end of the calendar year. For the summer Rare will debut a content update called Cursed Sails which will also come with a new ship type. Meanwhile the other summer event, Forsaken Shores, introduces a who new area to explore. Both content updates will come with new AI enemies and new mechanics to help you on your way.

Rare also says that as always it is listening to player feedback to determine which direction to take the game. Rare listened to the fans when the studio announced that it was removing the "Death Tax" from Sea of Thieves that would have charged players if they died.

Sea of Thieves is one of the more exciting exclusive titles on the Xbox One in some time, and players seemed to have taken to it. Our Sea of Thieves review highlighted the fun that's in the game, but bemoaned the lack of content. Something the roadmap is clearly aiming to fix. For more, check out our complete Sea of Thieves guide for all the latest tips and tricks.

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