Rare's Logo is Based on a Roll of Golden Toilet Paper

Rare's Logo is Based on a Roll of Golden Toilet Paper

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after playing a Rare game.

Rare artist Kevin Bayliss recently suggested Rare's famous golden "R" logo is based on a roll of toilet paper. Does that mean the developer has been inviting us to use its games for personal cleanup after washroom activities for decades? Sheesh, Rare! Have some confidence in your output!

Bayliss Tweeted about Rare's logo the other day when a fan asked him if he had a hand in designing it. "I did the Gokden [sic] Toilet roll, on the blue background, and then the updated simpler ‘R’ logo which appeared years later," Bayliss confirmed.

Fans understandably freaked and asked Bayliss if he's serious about the "R" being a toilet paper roll. "Of course," he responded. "You mean you don’t have golden toilet tissue at your house?"

(Yes, but it's only for when nice company comes over, Mr. Bayliss.)

Turns out Rare poked fun at its own logo ages ago. As GoNintendo points out, Rare's "R" fades into a shot of an actual toilet paper roll in the introduction for 2005's Conker: Live & Reloaded on the Xbox.

Bayliss is probably joking around. It's likely he designed the Rare logo, noticed its resemblance to a toilet paper roll, and Rare decided to poke fun at the famous emblem for years. Who knows for sure, though? People come up with strange ideas when they're in the bathroom. Adventure Time's omnipotent Cosmic Owl character was inspired by sunlight shining on urinal in the Cartoon Network studio.

Rare primarily made games for Nintendo consoles until it was bought by Microsoft in 2002. Despite the buyout, the studio sent the Internet into a nostalgia spiral earlier this month when Nintendo announced Banjo and Kazooie are coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Switch.

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