Red Dead Online: How Often Can You Replay Legendary Bounties?

Red Dead Online: How Often Can You Replay Legendary Bounties?

We look at where you can replay the legendary bounties of the Wild West, and how long the cooldown between each one is.

After releasing the last of the 10 Legendary Bounties, Rockstar updated Red Dead Online with the option to replay all of them at any time. We'll go over where to access them, and what the restrictions are here.

What is the Cooldown on Legendary Bounties?

Though Red Dead Online doesn't always make this apparent, Legendary Bounties do have a cooldown, as each time you pick one there is a set amount of time before you can start a new one. This amount of time has been changed in the past, but it currently stands at one hour. While this cooldown is in effect, you cannot pick the option to play legendary bounties.

Where to Replay Legendary Bounties

As stated, players will need to have taken the Bounty Hunter specialist role before they can take bounties of any kind, but once done so, you can access all 10 missions from any bounty board by interacting with it and pressing Triangle/Y (this will be greyed out if the cooldown is still in effect). You will then be provided a full list to pick from. Doing so will start the mission and reset the cooldown from that point on.

Legendary Bounties can be accessed every hour from any bounty board. | Joel Franey/USGamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

If you found this helpful, you can find our guide to bringing down some of Red Dead Online's most difficult bounties right here. Alternatively, if you want a more peaceful way to make money, you can find the best fishing hotspots right here.

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