USgamer on WD Ventito: Secret of the Star Citizen

USgamer on WD Ventito: Secret of the Star Citizen

Shooters take a lighter touch, while players get more serious about performance.

Over the past few months, we here at Gamer Network and USgamer have been working with WD (you know, the hard drive guys) on their new content portal, WD Ventito. It's a simple relationship: We write, they publish.

Sometimes we chat with developers to get insights into their creations, sometimes we simply indulge in punditry. But basically it boils down to more of the same insightful material you come to USG to read, at a different destination. You can browse through Ventito to see the work we've been creating, or you can simply keep tabs by revisiting this roundup as it's revisited each week. Either way, we strongly recommend you give it a look! Because, after all, we put the same effort into this work that we would for anything you'd read here on USG. And we write for Ventito under the same ethical constraints as for our work here: No publishers receive special consideration or treatment in our work for Ventito, nor are we pushing WD's brand at you here on USG. On the contrary, a lot of our Ventito writing is meant to complement work we've published here, making it a sort of supplementary resource. Check back every weekend for the latest additions to our body of work for Ventito. Or follow USgamer and WD Ventito on Twitter.

January 2015

How Star Citizen Became the Most Successful Crowdfunded Game of All Time
By Jeremy Parish | An exclusive interview with Cloud Imperium's Marketing VP Sandi Gardiner.

Pokémon: Still Catching 'Em All
By Nadia Oxford | What's the secret behind this hit series' momentum?

Will Oculus Rift be 2015's Biggest Gaming Story?
By M.H. Williams | What sets this VR launch apart.

Why The Gritty First Person Shooter Is Down for the Count in 2015
By M.H. Williams | Behind the return of the high-flying, high-tech FPS.

Do Classic Video Games Have a Future?
By Jeremy Parish | How some developers are making old video games relevant to the present day.

Why Do Gamers Care about 1080p and 60 FPS So Much?
By M.H. Williams | Which consoles are winning the numbers game?

December 2014

How Fangamer Turns Passion into Profits
By Bob Mackey | Wearing your pixelated heart on your sleeve.

3 Big Gaming Trends for 2015 You Need to Know
By Jeremy Parish | What will the new year bring for video games? We ask our panel of experts.

2014's Biggest Story? Gaming Industry Insiders Weigh In
By Jeremy Parish | We talked to experts from Square Enix, Alien: Isolation, and more.

How Persona Q is Making a Forgotten Genre Cool Again
By Jeremy Parish | Can the Persona spirit make the dungeon crawler hip again?

Is Nintendo Testing the Mobile Waters with NES Remix?
By Nadia Oxford | Will Mario be warping onto your iPhone without the emulator?

Beyond the End: Gaming's Expanded Universes
By Nadia Oxford | From Tomb Raider to Destiny, the game itself is only part of the story.

Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV: 2 Different Directions for Square Enix
By Jeremy Parish | The RPG giant has its eyes on two different audiences.

November 2014

Why LEGO Batman 3 Succeeds Where DC's Movie Franchise Fails
By Jeremy Parish | Putting the fun back into comics.

The Silver Lining of Game Delays
By Jeremy Parish | Half the games you were hoping to play this fall pushed back to 2015.

Does Grand Theft Auto V's Vision of Dystopian America Ring True in 2014?
By Jeremy Parish | More than a year after the game's debut, does GTAV still feel relevant?

The Secret to Ubisoft's Success? The Assembly Line
By M.H. Williams | An inside look at the game maker's development process.

A Brief History of Blizzard
By M.H. Williams | Blizzcon on the brain.

October 2014

Smash Bros. Experts on Why They're Still Playing After All These Years
By Kat Bailey | The passion, the fury, the KO.

Should You Buy That Game Again? Mastering the Remaster
By Jeremy Parish | Examining this fall's big remakes, Halo: Master Chief Collection and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Reconstructing a Movie Masterpiece with Alien Isolation
By Jeremy Parish | Creative Director Al Hope on translating the original set into the game.

Is There Still a Place Within Gaming for The Evil Within?
By M.H. Williams | Shinji Mikami's new chiller aims to reignite survival horror.

What do Tolkien Scholars Think About Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor?
By M.H. Williams | We ask the experts.

The Last Winter Sports Game?
By M.H. Williams | Filling the winter sports gap left open by larger publishers.

The Amazing Colossal PAX
By Bob Mackey | How indie developers make their mark at gaming's main event

One Step Ahead: How Skylanders is Staying in Front of the Competition
By Jeremy Parish | Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it can pose a challenge.

September 2014

How Does Evolve, a Game Nobody Knows About, Keep Winning Best Game in Show?
By Kat Bailey | We asked Turtle Rock Studio about their overnight success.

An Inside Look at the Evolution of Fortnite
By Jeremy Parish | Lead designer Darren Sugg on what inspires him.

The Challenge of Giving Players 7 Days to Die
By Bob Mackey | Behind the science of gaming complexity.

Why Ubisoft Went Multiplayer
By M.H. Williams | Far Cry 4's creative director spills their strategy to make co-op core.

How Do Niche Gaming Publishers Like Atlus and XSEED Outwit the Big Guys?
By Bob Mackey | These gaming houses stay small, nimble, and social.

Love Smash Bros.? You Ought to Thank Kirby
By Jeremy Parish | Two totally different franchises share the same spirit.

Battlefield Hardline: How Should EA Respond to the Events in Ferguson?
By Kat Bailey | How the violence in Missouri may impact the video game industry.

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