Real Madrid Has Signed FIFA 19’s Alex Hunter, and Fans Aren’t Happy

Real Madrid Has Signed FIFA 19’s Alex Hunter, and Fans Aren’t Happy

A bit of marketing between Real Madrid and EA's FIFA 19 has brought out the worst in the club's fans.

EA Sports and Real Madrid have collaborated on a new promotion for FIFA 19. It adds Alex Hunter, the protagonist from FIFA's The Journey Story Mode, into the official squad for Real Madrid. The whole thing has gone down pretty poorly with the club's fan's who have been eagerly awaiting a replacement for Ronaldo, since he left earlier this summer.

Alex Hunter has been added into the official Real Madrid squad list, and has even appeared on the real club's merch page, with fans able to purchase official Alex Hunter Real Madrid shirts. It's all accompanied by a very convincing player-signing video which even includes welcome messages from some of the club's top players. Under different circumstances, this would all have been passed off as a dumb PR stunt, though Real Madrid fans are fervidly awaiting news on a new player signing at the moment. This anger has ended up overshadowing the promotion, with fans voicing their frustrations on Twitter.

Clearly it's an issue of poor timing, given how eager fans are to finally hear who Ronaldo's replacement will be. Alex Hunter's inclusion in the official Real Madrid squad will no doubt be good news for some, and is a cool way to continue the narrative that is set to wrap up in FIFA 19 this year. For more on FIFA 19, head over to our FIFA 19 Everything We Know Guide. It's got info on all of the new features that the new entry brings with it. For some tips on how to dominate in FIFA Ultimate Team, check out our FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Guides Hub.

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