Real Pokémon Masters Play Pokémon Through Any Means Available--However Awkward

Real Pokémon Masters Play Pokémon Through Any Means Available--However Awkward

No Game Boy? No Nintendo 3DS? No problem for this dedicated redditor.

Pokémon fans are a dedicated bunch. Anyone who listens to the Blood God 'pod knows Kat and I are fully capable of getting together and saying nothing but the word "Pokémon" to one another for an hour straight.

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But even I can't claim the same level of dedication for Pokémon as redditor "The42ndTurtle," who rigged his portable SupaBoy to play a copy of Pokémon Blue piggybacking off a Super Game Boy. The42ndTurtle posted the image on r/RetroGaming with the title "When you lose your gameboy but still gotta catch 'em all."

Whatever gets the job done.

The SupaBoy is a handheld SNES from Hyperkin. While there have been some complaints from users about button issues and widescreen stretch, it gets the job done if you want to play your original Final Fantasy III cart on the go—or if you want to play Pokémon Red or Blue without digging around for any of your old Game Boy units.

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