Reaper Will Be Just As Much of an Edge Lord in LEGO Overwatch Form

Reaper Will Be Just As Much of an Edge Lord in LEGO Overwatch Form

Overwatch's LEGO sets are coming soon, and if you step on Reaper, he'll laugh at your pain.

Overwatch's LEGO sets are coming soon. You already have Overwatch-themed clothing, toys, and NERF guns, so why not buy clickable Overwatch models that will send you spiralling into the throes of agony when you inevitably step on them in the middle of the night?

The Overwatch LEGO sets were first announced in May just ahead of Licensing Expo 2018. The "Coming Soon" announcement was posted earlier today on Overwatch's official Twitter account.

There's a non-zero chance more Overwatch merch is on the way, too. "Since debuting at last year’s Licensing Expo, we’ve begun to successfully realize our vision of offering more value and more opportunities for our global licensing and retail partners by leveraging the blockbuster franchises that Activision and Blizzard have created and expanded over many years of dedicated development," CEO and President of Activision Blizzard Consumer Products Group, Tim Kilpin, said at Licensing Expo 2018. "For our hundreds of millions of players around the world, we’re working hard to build lasting global franchises that they can connect with across game platforms and through esports and vibrant transmedia story content. We are well positioned to continue playing a leading role in shaping the future of entertainment."

If you're done with collecting Overwatch tchotchkes and want to, you know, play the game, we have a ton of Overwatch guides for you to check out.

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