Rebel Galaxy Devs Pitched a Star Wars X-Wing Game in 2016

Double Damage tried to get EA onboard with a space dogfighting game.

News by Mike Williams, .

Rebel Galaxy developer Double Damage tried to pitch a new Star Wars title to Electronic Arts in 2016. The developer created an entire pitch video for the project, which was not picked up by the publisher. Double Damage co-founder Travis Baldree put the video up on YouTube last month.

"This was back in 2016, and we pitched a modernized take on X-Wing with all the classic bits," Baldree told Kotaku. "It was a long-shot, and we had near-nil hopes that it would be seriously considered, but we probably did it to please ourselves rather than out of any hope that it would get greenlit."

"EA was very gracious in listening, but it never came to anything, and we moved on," Baldree added.

The pitch video also shows the ability to switch between ships in a pitched battle. The fake players switches between the Millenium Falcon and an X-Wing as an illustration. Unfortunately, if this is your poison, you'll have to be happy with the starfighting sections of Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

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