Recovered Super Mario Bros. Super Show Animation Cels Bring Us Back to the Franchise's Weirdest, Most Aimless Days

Recovered Super Mario Bros. Super Show Animation Cels Bring Us Back to the Franchise's Weirdest, Most Aimless Days

If you can't mix Super Mario Bros. with Billy Idol, then what's the point of life?

Swing your arms from side-to-side and take a look at a cool piece of Nintendo nostalgia. An animation cel collector recently secured a box of 200 cels from DiC's Super Mario Bros. Super Show, which ran on television from 1989 to 1991.

The collector, "MarioMario64646464," has a YouTube channel dedicated to his cels and other retro game memorabilia. On his Twitter he explains he acquired the box of Super Mario Bros. Super Show cels after getting in touch with a former DiC employee who happened to have them.

You can head over to MarioMario's Twitter account for a preview of the cels, and he promises to organize and scan the whole lot once the box arrives from DiC. Those of us who grew up with the Super Show just want to know if "Indiana Joe's" lost face is somewhere in that box. (Probably not. Joe was born as a faceless freakshow, and I imagine he died as one, too.)

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show was a weird duck. Since the Super Mario Bros. games don't have much going on plot-wise, DiC used the show to parody pop culture. Episodes referenced movies, legends, and musicians. There are even cover versions of popular songs from the era, though those were pulled in syndication and on DVD releases. An enterprising YouTuber has since restored and uploaded the episodes that include the cover songs, which is a good thing. Super Mario Odyssey never should've tried the "Peach and Bowser wedding" angle without securing the rights to "White Wedding."

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show was followed up by The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3. The storylines for the latter show have much more to do with the Mario games than with pop culture, but that just encouraged some of us to do bad things.

Header image source: MarioMario64646464

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