Red Dead Online: Error 0x40003002 Explained

Red Dead Online: Error 0x40003002 Explained

Many are being ejected and disconnected from the Red Dead Online servers as part of a mysterious error code numbered 0x40003002.

Those playing Red Dead Online have been having issues with a certain server error code that leaves them disconnected and unable to play online. In our guide below we've explained error 0x40003002 and what you can do about it.

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Error 0x40003002 Explained for Red Dead Online

If you're getting the 0x40003002 error for Red Dead Online, it means there's nothing wrong with your connection - the glitch is at Rockstar's end. Despite Red Dead Online's 1.20 update (referred to as"The Naturalist" update) aiming in part to reduce the frequency of this glitch, instances seem to have risen in the wake of it, with players struggling to connect to the servers or stay connected to them.

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Error 0x40003002 Fix

If you're getting this error code, there's bad news: there is no widely-recognised fix or solution at this time. Because of the problem being at Rockstar's end, this is likely to remain an issue until some kind of follow-up patch. We have heard that some have been having more luck by changing the parameters of how they join the game, so if it's really being an issue, the following could help (but no guarantees, unfortunately):

  • Log out and log back in to start with.
  • If you've been entering via Free Roam, try starting at your Camp, or vice versa.
  • If you're connecting as part of a Posse, try joining alone. Apparently the problem seems more pronounced to those who are in a Posse, though it's by no means exclusive.
  • If all else fails, turn off the game and come back later. Like we said - the problem isn't really at your end, so there's a limit to how much can be done to resolve it.

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