Red Dead Online is Introducing a Role System For Bounty Hunting, Trading, and Treasure Collecting

Red Dead Online is Introducing a Role System For Bounty Hunting, Trading, and Treasure Collecting

Red Dead Online would like you to get a job.

This summer, Red Dead Online is looking to add a little bit of decorum to the West by adding specialist roles for players to dive into. In a press release, Rockstar detailed the first three of these roles: the Bounty Hunter, the Trader, and the Collector.

These new roles will provide their own gameplay experience catered to the frontier and Red Dead Online's massively multiplayer world. The Bounty Hunter role lets you track and capture targets, some of whom will occasionally be other players with a high enough bounty on their heads.

Traders let you channel your inner entrepreneur, collecting materials and producing goods to sell. As your business grows, so does your empire; you'll gradually be able to improve your satchel and add hunting wagons to make your shop the end-all be-all.

Finally, the Collector likes to... collect. Collectors are essentially treasure hunters, but in the old West, search for rare items like arrowheads and jewelry. Gradually, you build up your skills and tools for finding rare items, and you can even get a metal detector. If you're having trouble committing, no worries, because you can play and progress down all three at the same time or just dive into one if you'd like.

Red Dead Online has seen some massive updates over the last year, alleviating the griefing problem and adding poker to various areas, though certain regions won't get access to it. For Red Dead Online players looking to get the same sort of mileage as those playing Grand Theft Auto Online, these roles look to offer some long-term progression and goals for the adventurous and ambitious player. We'll keep up to date on when you can expect these roles in the world of RDO.

If you're looking to get some gold or win some hands of poker, head over to our guides section to find all you need to know.

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