Red Dead Online: Is the Outlaw Pass No. 2 Worth Buying?

Red Dead Online: Is the Outlaw Pass No. 2 Worth Buying?

We look at whether the second Wheeler, Rawson and Co. pass is worth it, and all the rewards it has to offer.

One of the most significant purchases you can make for Red Dead Online, the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Outlaw Pass No. 2 offers a lot of bonuses, cosmetics and more to those who are willing to pay, but should you? We ask the question, "is the Outlaw Pass No. 2 worth buying?"

Is the Outlaw Pass No. 2 Worth It?

The honest answer is "it depends", based on two factors: how much gold you have, and what level you are. We'll explain exactly how the Outlaw Pass works in a moment, but it doesn't give you a fixed amount of rewards, instead it changes depending on what level you can reach before the pass runs out of time. If you play once a week for ten minutes and don't have the gold already earned, then you definitely should not bother. If you already had forty gold to spare, then we'd definitely recommend it, but more on that briefly.

The pause menu can show you what you'd get normally, versus what you'd get without it. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

What is the Outlaw Pass No. 2?

Sometimes referred to as the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Club, you're actually signed up for the base version of this tiered reward system when you link your Red Dead Online account to a Rockstar Social Account. It levels up seperately (and faster) than your standard in-game rank, and has its own rewards tied to it, giving bonuses, items and special gear to those who raise their Club Rank.

The Outlaw Pass No. 2 simply gives a huge boost to the rewards gained by ascending up through the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Club. Rockstar have actually released another Outlaw Pass in the past (hence this being No. 2), and this one works in the same way but with different rewards. If you buy the Outlaw Pass, you'll get all the rewards you would've gotten if you'd had it from the beginning. So if you're level 47 when you buy it, you'll get all the items and prizes for ranks below that retroactively, as well as those you unlock afterwards - assuming you get them before the Outlaw Pass runs out at a certain date.

When Does the Outlaw Pass No. 2 Run Out?

The official activity period for the Outlaw Pass is until March 10, 2020. At that point it will shut down, won't be purchasable, and any rewards owners haven't unlocked yet will stay locked forever. If you are going to get it, it'll have to be before now.

How Much Does the Outlaw Pass No. 2 Cost?

The Outlaw Pass is one of the most expensive purchases in the game, costing a player forty gold bars. This is five more than the previous Outlaw Pass (we see what you're doing there, Rockstar), but it can be more than compensated for in the rewards a player can gain.

Outlaw Pass No. 2 Rewards

There's too many rewards tied to the Outlaw Pass to go over easily here, but we can recount some of the more significant ones beyond simple discounts and free fast travel passes (the full list is available here). Some of the more notable prizes include Arthur Morgan's and John Marston's clothes, masks for your horses, a husky dog for your camp, numerous emotes and - most notably - eight separate gifts of five gold bars spread out across the whole thing. This means that if you can make it to Club Rank 100 (the highest rank possible) you can actually make all that gold you spent back, essentially nullifying the cost.

You can get a lot of rewards for the Outlaw Pass, provided you level up in time. | Joel Franey/USgamer, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

Is There Going to be Another Outlaw Pass?

Almost certainly, though this is admittedly speculative. Aside from the fact that there's no reason for Rockstar not to make another one, some of the rewards here are "Mystery Vouchers," which will be redeemable in the future for items that haven't been added to the game yet. The first Outlaw Pass also did this, and the cosmetics that the Mystery Vouchers were tied to came out along with the second Outlaw Pass, making a third one seem very likely.

Should I Buy the Outlaw Pass?

Even after all that, the answer is still "it depends." If you can make it to Rank 100 and you have the gold already, then absolutely get it, because you won't lose anything for doing so. You should also consider it if you're a collector or a moonshiner, as you'll get a fair few free items tied to those roles as well. But if you have to pay real money to get the gold in time… that's harder to recommend. Forty gold is a lot, and while there's a lot of little perks that comes with the Outlaw Pass, there's no new missions or roles that really change how you play the game. The best approach might be to play without it until as late as possible, see what Club Rank you reach, and use that to inform your decision on whether to buy it at the eleventh hour.

How to Buy the Outlaw Pass

If you do decide to get it, Rockstar has made the process amusingly easy. Just pause the game, select the "progress" option, and the Outlaw Pass will be there for you to buy and survey at your leisure.

If that was helpful to you, why not check out our guides to becoming and playing as a Moonshiner? Or if you want to make gold as fast as possible before March 10, check out this guide here.

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