Red Dead Online: Legendary Marble Fox Location

Red Dead Online: Legendary Marble Fox Location

This black and white fox is an especially rare legendary animal. We've laid out where to find it and what you can use it for below.

The Marble Fox in Red Dead Online is one of the game's most rare and valuable legendary animals, hiding in the frozen wilds to the North. We'll show you the legendary Marble Fox location below, as well as what you should do when you find it.

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Legendary Marble Fox Location in Red Dead Online

The legendary Marble Fox's location in Red Dead Online is in the Northern section of the map, in the North-West of the Ambarino region. More specifically, you can find it roughly South of Colter, at the single path that snakes between Cairn Lake and Spider Gorge. We've also heard rumors that it can appear further North, though this isn't wholly confirmed, and that it'll appear at any time and weather (it was a sunny day when we saw it). We've outlined the main location on the map below. If it's not showing up, we've laid out some reasons for why here.

You can find the Marble Fox in this region, and possibly further North. | Joel Franey/USG, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

How to Hunt the Marble Fox

The Marble Fox isn't a dangerous predator, so when you encounter it it'll flee rather than attack. Not only that, but its black and white coloration means that it can blend into the environment very easily. Ideally you'll want to approach with stealth to ensure the easiest and most effective ambush. The fox is pretty alert and quick, so keep ready to use Dead Eye to hit it with as many accurate shots as possible, or Eagle Eye to track it through the snow if you lose track of it. Tracks left in the snow will also make it easier to follow than normal. Once you see it, it won't take many shots either way to bring it down, whether you use sedative ammo or one of the game's deadliest firearms.

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Spare or Skin the Marble Fox?

Despite the fact that it'll upset Harriet, we suggest killing the Marble Fox for its skin, at least after you study it for the experience. Gus sells a rather snazzy outfit that includes a fur cap, assuming you bring him the Fox's pelt.

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