Red Dead Online: Legendary Wakpa Boar Location

Red Dead Online: Legendary Wakpa Boar Location

This huge, legendary boar can be hunted and used to obtain rare items and money in the process. We've laid out how to find the Wakpa boar here.

Hiding close to Thieves' Landing in Red Dead Online, the Wakpa Boar is a massive pig who can be tracked down for either a decent amount of money or a fine new coat. We'll show you the legendary Wakpa Boar location below, as well as whether you should spare or kill it once you find it.

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Legendary Wakpa Boar Location in Red Dead Online

We've laid out the location of the Wakpa Boar in the map below, to the marshy scrubland West of Thieves' Landing. Though it can appear anywhere in the area highlighted, it's most commonly found at the Stillwater Marsh area in the South. The Wakpa Boar also tends to spawn in dry, sunny weather, not during rain or night hours. We've also heard rumors that it can spawn along the river North-West of Blackwater, but this is currently unconfirmed. If Stillwater Marsh and the area around it aren't proving successful, try checking the river just to be sure.

The Wakpa Boar is roaming around to the West of Thieves' Landing. | Joel Franey/USG, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

What Gun to Use for the Wakpa Boar

The Wakpa Boar will tend to charge you the moment it's aware you're there, running straight at you and knocking you over. This doesn't do a huge amount of damage, but be careful - dying might let this prized hog despawn while you're gone. If you're planning to sedate the boar you'll need to land between five-to-ten shots with the sedative ammo, depending on how many headshots you land. Otherwise its legendary status means that any powerful gun can kill it without damaging the pelt. Blast it quickly and try to climb up on a rock to ensure you're safe while you do.

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Should You Skin or Take a Sample From the Wakpa Boar?

Unlike with the Zizi Beaver, we're actually going to suggest you kill this animal, as its pelt can be exchanged to Gus for a prize new coat that you can't get anywhere else. However, this will upset Harriet, the consequences of which we've outlined here. If you're committed to maintaining a good relationship with her, just sedate the animal and take a sample. Then, for full Naturalist experience, revive it and get a picture on your camera before it runs away.

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