Red Dead Online: Legendary Zizi Beaver Location

Red Dead Online: Legendary Zizi Beaver Location

We show you where you can find, hunt and sedate the legendary Zizi Beaver of West Elizabeth.

One of the easiest legendary animals to access in Red Dead Online, the Zizi Beaver is a legendary animal you can use to make both money and experience from as part of the Naturalist role. We'll show you the legendary Zizi Beaver's location in our guide below, as well as the best thing to do when you find it.

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Legendary Zizi Beaver Location in Red Dead Online

The legendary Zizi Beaver in Red Dead Online can be found on the shores of Owanjila Lake, in the South of the West Elizabeth region, and as far as we can tell it's not limited by time of day or weather - it can appear at any point. We've displayed the exact location of the lake below, but the beaver itself can spawn anywhere around it, so we found the best thing to do was circle the whole body of water on your horse until it spawns ahead. If you're having trouble getting it to spawn, we've laid out how to prompt that to happen here, as well as where to find more legendary animals.

The Zizi Beaver is here, wandering about at Owanjila Lake. | Joel Franey/USG, Rockstar North/Rockstar Games

What Gun to Use for the Zizi Beaver

Being a legendary animal with a legendary pelt, you won't need to use a specific gun to kill the Zizi Beaver, as there's no impact on quality even if you blow the poor thing up with an elephant rifle. Alternatively, you can sedate the beaver in order to take a sample for it. We found that the beaver took roughly between three and eight shots to tranquilize it, depending on how many headshots you land. Still, headshots shouldn't be hard, considering it moves slowly and can't attack you.

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Should You Skin or Take a Sample From the Zizi Beaver?

We suggest that you should probably just take a humane sample of the Zizi Beaver rather than walking away with its skin, as both options will get you money, and unlike some legendary animals, Gus Macmillan cannot make any clothes or cosmetics from the beaver's hide. You might as well bring it to Harriet, get paid anyway without upsetting her, and get a bit more experience for the Naturalist role.

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