Red Dead Online - Will Beta Progress Carry Over?

With all of the work you’ve been putting into the Red Dead Online Beta, you’d hope your progress would carry over right? Let’s take a look at what we know.

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Red Dead Online has launched, though it's currently in an open beta. There's only a fraction of the final game currently on offer, with 8 story missions, several PvP modes and some Stranger side missions to play with. There's plenty to do, as evidenced by the number of hours players have logged so far, and with all of that time invested, you'd hope your beta progress would carry over right? Well, this being a beta and all, there's no guarantee that progress will be carried over when Red Dead Online launches fully. We've included all of the info we currently have on whether or not this is the case or not. Let's take a look at whether your Red Dead Online beta save data will carry over.

Red Dead Online Save Data

After putting a fair amount of time into the Red Dead Online Beta, players started to wonder whether or not their progress would carry over. This isn't always the case with beta runs of games, even Black Ops 4 reset player progress at launch. Rockstar has addressed these concerns though, so let's take a look at it has said so far.

Your Red Dead Online Beta Progress Isn't Guaranteed to Carry Over

The first statement that Rockstar made regarding the issue of beta progress explained that while it would be trying its best to allow save data to remain at launch there is no guarantee.

There Are No Plans to Reset Red Dead Online Beta Progress

Rockstar followed up the previous statement with a Tweet saying that there are currently "no plans to reset them as part of the Beta's rollout." You can check out the Tweet below, which is certainly reassuring, but still not a guarantee.

How to Save in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online is, surprisingly, an online-only game. This means that save data works a little differently than in the main game. You might be wondering how to save in Red Dead Online, well-it's pretty simple. You cannot manually save your progress in Red Dead Online, though autosaving triggers pretty much every 30 seconds or so, so you shouldn't have to worry. Making sure you exit via the Story menu is a good way to ensure an autosave if you're feeling paranoid though.

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