Red Dead Online's Newest Update Adds Previously PS4-Exclusive Content to Xbox One

Red Dead Online's Newest Update Adds Previously PS4-Exclusive Content to Xbox One

Red Dead Online is also planning much-requested changes in the next update.

In this weeks' Red Dead Online update, content that was previously exclusive to the PlayStation 4 are coming to the Xbox One, including PvP modes like Last Stand and Make It Count: Ancient Tomahawk Showdown. Rockstar also revealed that highly requested character customization features are being planned for the next major update.

PlayStation 4 has an exclusivity deal with Rockstar on Red Dead Redemption 2 which gives the console early access to online content. This week, previously exclusive content finally makes their way to the Xbox One.

The first is the Ancient Tomahawk weapon, which can now be purchased at any of the five Fence locations. Arriving with the brutal new weapon is a PvP Make It Count mode that lets you test your Tomahawk skills against your fellow players.

Other previously exclusive content now available on the Xbox One include the Perlino Andalusian Horse, Belanger Saddle, Finley Jacket, Stenger Studded Spurs, and Caldwell Hat. Two new emotes, "Boast" and "Hey, You" as well as the free-for-all PvP mode Last Stand are also available now on the Xbox One.

Furthermore, Rockstar announced that a top-requested feature, the ability to reset your character's appearance without altering your progress, is being prepped for the next major Red Dead Online update. There's also a fix that will let you keep your preferred play style when going to and from Free Roam in the works for the same update as well.

Lastly, there are several new cosmetic items entering the shops this week including the Common Flat Cap, Horsfall Overshirt, Griffith Chaps, Charro Jacket, Clymene Coat, and Vaquero Baroque Spurs.

Check out our Red Dead Online guide for more info on Rockstar's latest online western mode.

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