Register Your Nintendo Account ID Now

Register Your Nintendo Account ID Now

It appears Nintendo is finally tying purchases to accounts instead of systems, so grab "weed_mario_lol" before someone else does.

If you plan to get a Nintendo Switch next month, you might want to make a quick stop to your Nintendo Account and register a Nintendo Account ID.

Nintendo recently added the option to link your account to a "Nintendo Account ID," which isn't the same thing as your Nintendo Network ID for the 3DS and Wii U.

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Confused? Don't worry: You don't need to think about it too hard. Just log into your Nintendo account, scroll down until you find the new field titled "User ID," and add whatever nickname you want. Note that your name must be six characters or more, and you can't use a name that's already been claimed by another person.

On the plus side, you can seemingly change the name whenever you like. So, if you drink too much, black out, and wake up with "vegeta_memelord_69_420" as your nickname, there's no need to panic. Just change it, then take a minute to bow your head in shame.

The registration process appears to herald good news: People unboxing their Switches are noticing digital downloads and eShop purchases are finally, finally being tied to Nintendo accounts instead of individual systems. That means no more complicated calls to Nintendo's customer service if your Switch happens to take a short walk off a cliff and you're forced to buy another one. You just sign in to your Nintendo account (which does indeed include a new "Account Activity" category on its sidebar) and re-download previously-purchased titles to your new system. No fuss, no muss.

Welcome to the 21st century of game distribution, Nintendo. Praise.

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